Day 1
Elektronische Patientenakte - Opt-Out - wie soll das gehen?
Saal E
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Self-organized Session

Sources used (all in German), and contact to activists are below

In December 2023, German Parliament passed two acts concerning health data administration. From 2025, for patients insured by the compulsory health insurance scheme (85 % of population), their visits at doctors shall be registered in an Electronic Health Record (EHR) provided by their health insurance. Content data will be available e.g. for research purposes. Insured persons shall be entitled to object to the establishment of such health insurer's EHR, in which case they will not get one.

We inform about these plans in a little more in detail, as there will be some more options available. And we will discuss about a platform suporting patient's decisions about this "opt-out".

Speakers: jockel, Flysch, novider

presentation used: https://patientenrechte-datenschutz.de/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/UeberblickRegelungenEPA.pdf

Generator for GDPR requests and model for an opt-out generator: https://patientenrechte-datenschutz.de/krankenkassendaten/

Statement of umbrella organization of German medical self-help groups concerning German health system digitization and opt-out regulation: https://www.bundestag.de/resource/blob/977586/fedb093686884ac9bcc868bab17e7557/20_14_0163-30-_BAG-Selbsthilfe_DigitalG_nicht-barrierefrei.pdf

Topical critical groups of German health service providers concerning digitization of health services:


Many further groups are here, but this page has not been updated regularly: https://patientenrechte-datenschutz.de/widerstand-von-aerztinnen-gegen-die-telematik-infrastruktur-auf-breiter-front/

Contact to organizers: kontakt@patientenrechte-datenschutz.de



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