Day 2
EightOS: Embodied Hacking Practice [8 OS Physical Movement Session]
Stage Y
Self-organized Session

In this physical practice session, we will present EightOS — a practice of hacking your own and somebody else's body using a combination of martial art techniques and various body practices.

The participating hackers are guaranteed to be refreshed afterward and have a nice body sensation after a mild interactive physical practice. You'll also meet others through words and code, their touch, and — if you prefer — their punch.

We will explore notions such as resilience, vulnerability, adaptation, and infiltration — but in relation to the body. How can you "infiltrate" a body? What is a body that is "resilient"? All this becomes very tangible and practical as soon as you start practicing those concepts and not only talking about them.

We hope that you will get not only activated physically but also inspired intellectually seeing how you can apply these ideas outside of the physical context and in your hacking practice as well.

The exact location is TBC after we get the map of the space. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please, reach out on Telegram @noduslabs

Hosted by @aerodynamika (Dmitry Paranyushkin) and @kirikoo_des (Koo Des / NSDOS)

More info: www.8os.io



We start on stage to present the practice and then will move around the space.