DearMEP is a tool to empower citizens to reach out – easy, directly and free of charge – to their elected representatives in the European Parliament. Our goal is to make the voices of average people heard in the political process!

Many important decisions are taken in Europe. Yet, Brussels and Strasbourg often seem further away than national politics. DearMEP is a tool that brings EU politicians much closer to home and to the people they should be accountable to. NGOs can use this free software tool to empower their constituency to counter the power of paid lobbyists. Users don’t need to learn how the EU works, which politician to call under which number. They only need to care about the issue and spend time – not money – to make a difference.

In this session the team behind DearMEP.eu showcases the near final tool, talks about FOSS release, listens to the community. Particularly, if you come from the climate, migration or LGBTQI* movement, we hope our tool can help your community be heard. Come by!

DearMEP.eu is a project of epicenter.works. Their assembly is an alternative contact point, but the people working on the project might not be there when you stop by. More info on https://dearmep.eu/