Day 1

In this session, I invite the participants to have 1-on-1 conversations about hypothetical life scenarios.

We will follow an outline of the practice presented in The Conversation Book published by our independent, non-for-profit Circadian Press. In this book, we propose a practice and questions that help explore life scenarios that have not happened yet. We invite the participants to find a random partner among those who are present, and to pose the questions to each other, listen to the responses, and, hopefully, find out more about themselves and the others around.

At the end of the session we aim to have had a great time, meet new people, and — if you prefer — also have some actionable strategies to bring whatever it is that we imaged into the real.

The exact location is TBC after we get the map of the space. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please, reach out on Telegram @noduslabs

More info: www.circadian.co/product/the-conversation-book



A self-organized stage in ground floor Hall H