Day 4
Somatic explorations in contact, Contact Improvisation: Couriosity-driven and explorations in the field of Contact Improvisation with influxes from massage/bodywork and playfight. and

I want to create a space for those who like to explore movement together with other bodies.

In the field between the dance and movement form "↗ Contact Improvisation", massage/bodywork and attentive playfight it is a space of couriosity, kinesthetic stimulus, play with momentum, inertia, weight and (dis)balance, sensation, slowness, speed, suddenness, somatic communication, ... -- where you can decide which qualities you like.

I like to begin with a small check-in and starting with couriosity-driven "bodywork" (= a bit like massage, but more to get to know how the body mechanically functions and can move). From this I like it to develop into a space of free exploration and jamming. Maybe a ↗ round robin will be included.

It can be in solo, duo, or a group, and change dynamically.

Early drop out possible.
Later drop-in possible if you are confident with the practise.

Please bring if you have clothing that does not obstruct your movement (sports pants are fine, pyjamas too. If you don't have, your normal throusers also work.) Lay down any earrings, uncovered larger piercings, or other things that might entangle in other persons hair or so (you can do it just at the spot).
We put off our shoes, too.

A bit more about "Contact Improvisation":

Essentially, it is a form of movement which strongly uses the kinesthetic sense, where people (mostly: 2, but can range from solo to many) usually communicate by body contact and it can range from slow to fast; from acrobatic to floor level; from deeply sensing to theatralic ...

It can be driven by exploring which movements are possible together which are not possible alone. It can enhance your own understanding of your centre of mass, of dealing with momentum and inertia, of catching yourself, of balancing together. It can nourish the need to somatic communication.

Experiment with the physicality that arises by moving in mutual physical contact. Momemtum, inertia, (dis)balance. Flying, falling, rolling. Slow, fast, sensual, acrobatic, performative. Kinesthetic sense. Solo, duo, group.

I titled this session "Somatic explorations in contact" because I also want to invite the playfulness of physical manipulations, different activity roles, etc., which usually are found more in the playfight or the massage fields.

I will not give a complete workshop. So it is for people who feel confident navigating such spaces. If you are courios, feel free to come, you can always go to the side!

This is not an erotic space. Please do not come with the desires for erotics or to find sex partners. Also, we all stays clothed.

Content Warning: For those participating, spontaneous body contact is about to happen.

The room is big and at this time usually is quiet, but still open to the 37C3-public. So participants should be fine that there is no complete seclusion.

offered by: @dreieck


Hall 4 ("Main Lounge")