Day 3
Bällebad-Sortiermaschine // Let’s build a ball pit sorting machine (2nd MeetUp)
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Self-organized Session

Let us build a ball pool sorting machine for 38c3 (also, we need a better name 🙃)! We have a large ball pool that has been driving around the halls of last congress in Leipzig. We would like to bring it back next year - in the form of an interactive sorting machine and with other gimmicks. Our gang is small and as everything is more fun together, we're still looking for people and creatures that would like to help throw around ideas and then turn them into reality at 38c3. This small MeetUp is there to get to know each other, ask a few questions and to start a gäng! (2nd meeting, for all those who could not make it yesterday)



komona (RCC table)