It seems that the text is in German. Here's the English translation:

Did you attend our Arduino Workshop Part 1 on day 3? Or have you done a bit with Arduino before? Do you have little experience with coding? And you're too old for the Kidsspace but just right for the Youth Assembly? Then you're in the right place with us!

We want to explore what lies behind RFID technology, which is found, for example, in clothes on goods, in keychains, or cards, allowing them to be read out contactlessly. We will play with the technology to control a demand signal light with an RFID chip instead of a switch.

Notebooks are available, but you can also bring your own (no tablets, please!). We provide the Arduinos and electronic components during the workshop.

As we have limited Arduinos available, please register: either by email at bengoshi+37c3@posteo.de or @bengoshi:x-hain.de. While participants from Workshop Part 1 have priority, a few spots are still available.