Swiss Cryptoeconomics

Switzerland is a very interesting country in terms of its political structure. We have a quite decentralized political system where the cantons, the local states have most of the power. So we don't have this same political system is in most Europe where there is a central government that may impeach some create a project or something like that to emerge. So it's a very good ecosystem for the decentralized projects to emerge.

We have been a group of people from primarily working in Swiss Romandie in the area of cryptocurrencies and decentralization, and we started inviting our friends from the community, and after few years we were putting together an assembly, and we are giving content.

It's a meeting point for all these people here and all will be contributing with talks, workshops, and discussion groups.

List of members (non-exhaustive): Swarm Foundation, NYM, Alephium, Hodling

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