Replicant is a fully free software Android distribution that puts emphasis on freedom, privacy and security. It is based on LineageOS and replaces or avoids every proprietary component of the system. Replicant is so far the only distribution for smartphones and tablets that is endorsed by the Free Software Foundation as meeting the Free System Distribution Guidelines.

Replicant's assembly will feature demos of the current Replicant 6 as well as the upcoming Replicant 11. It is the place to come by if you are keen on learning the (sometimes dirty) internals of smartphones and Android. If you are a smartphone hacker please visit us. Replicant is always looking for new contributors on the several work fronts we have going on: modem and GPS protocol reverse-engineering, 3D and 2D graphics acceleration, bootloader unlocking, and many more. Don't be afraid to show up even if you are a novice on these matters. We can assist you installing Replicant or give general advice regarding software freedom on smartphones and tablets.

There will be a few talks about Replicant and related topics at the Central Decentralization Cluster and possibly other venues.


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