Fictional Universe Taxonomy Research

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The Fictional Universe Taxonomy Research project collects statistics about civilizations in science fiction universes.

How many planets do they have? How big is their fleet? Can they do time travel? What is their technological level, their live expectancy, their wealth distribution?

Our mission is to characterize the fictional universes we love by numbers and make them comparable.

This is an Open Source Project that uses GitHub as an online editor, access rights management for its editorial pipeline, branches and pull requests to add new content blobs in a controlled way. It has version management built in and places for discussions, issue tracking and project management. The IDE is our CMS, GitHub Actions do our content deployment, all content is in YAML and Markdown files. git and services like GitHub are a perfect match for collaborative projects producing content. Not just for code.

  • Check out how to use git(Hub) for a content project,

  • deploy new content automatically on push/merge,

  • create metrics for your favourable fictional universe

  • for SciFi and Fantasy worlds from movies, literature, and games.

  • Anyone can make a pull request and contribute easily.

  • You'll see why git is the perfect choice for collaboratve non-code projects.

  • git-everything for accountability and traceability and ease of use


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