The Forum Computer Scientists for Peace and Societal Responsibility (FIfF e.V.) is an association of committed and critical experts from the science and practice of information technology.

The FIfF is a Germany-wide association of experts who take a critical look at the effects of the use of computer science and information technology on society. Our members mainly work in computer science-related professions, from IT systems electronics technicians to professors of theoretical computer computer science. The FIfF works in many technical and non-technical areas of society areas of society to promote the socially responsible use of information technology systems for the benefit of society. society. Our tasks include public relations work as well as counselling and the development of technical studies. In addition, the FIfF publishes the quarterly "FIfF-Kommunikation - Zeitschrift für Informatik und Gesellschaft" and works with other peace and civil rights organisations. Here you can find our 10 values:

We want information technology to serve a world worth living in. Therefore

  • we warn the public about developments in our field that we consider harmful;
  • we counter potential dangers with our own constructive ideas;
  • we fight against the use of information technology for control and surveillance;
  • we are committed to the disarmament of information technology in military applications;
  • we promote the development of a circular economy with the help of information technology;
  • we support the humane design of work processes;
  • we advocate equal rights for people with disabilities in the design and use of information technology;
  • we work against the discrimination of women in information technology;
  • we oppose any racist and sexist use or other discriminatory use of information technology;
  • we oppose the dominance of economic thinking by proposing a humane and ecological orientation.

We are around 700 committed people from science and practice. We are experts in computer science and information technology. We also think about the consequences of our work. We know that not all problems can be solved technically. We welcome everyone who uses information technology or is concerned about its role in society.

We want to offer a forum for critical and lively discussion to all those who are involved in computer science and information technology - in training, in the workplace or afterwards, in science and practice - open to all those who want to contribute or simply want to stay informed.


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