Freie Arbeiter*innen Union (FAU)

The FAU (Free Workers Union) is an anarcho-syndicalist union federation. It builds upon the independent local union chapters, so called syndicates. Our decisions are made by the members directly.

At our assembly you can:

  • Get to know us and our methods of labour struggle.
  • Ask us questions about your working conditions and what to do about them.
  • Ask us about our experience with collectives and worker coops.
  • Attend workshops and short presentations.
  • Get stickers and a lot of info material.

More infos about us:

As an organisation of wage dependents we fight for better living conditions. We fight against exploitation, destruction and opression of people and nature and for a new economic system and structure of society, that is based on solidarity and self-adminstration to have a better life for all.

As a wage dependent we have our own power to stop the process of labor. We want to achive our goals directly. We fight the other side directly and call that "direct action".

There are alternatives to capitalism! It's not a law of nature, but an human-made power hierarchy, that can be overturned by collective action of the workers!



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