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  • <50€ per day is fair :-)
  • I liked that solidaric financing was possible, although it required some justification. [@dreieck]
  • Perhaps be more specific about friends tickets. I had to convince some from my hackerspace that they qualify.


  • Everything else... everything, which isn't critised here, was nice and deserves a compliment. ;-)
  • I love the effort everyone has been putting in again!
  • Engelküche war wie die letzten Jahre schon sehr gut. Umso erfreulicher war es, dass es diesmal möglich war, auch vor Ansammlung der nötigen Stunden essen gehen zu können.
  • Angel coffee (even the regular filter coffee) was consistently much better than I remember from past events - keep it up!
  • just had a blast and it was more than excellent <3
  • atmosphere was great, not too crowded
  • very nice and relaxed event
  • I liked that if there is some (weird) idea, if it is done than it is done properly. [@dreieck]
  • I like the broadness of qualities and topics at the congress. [@dreieck]
  • That memes/ insiders usually were explained by random people if you asked. [@dreieck]
  • That there is a wiki again.
  • Assemblies could be seen at the Fahrplan.


  • I'd like to see water fountains as the bathrooms are not ideal (+7)
    • also this way we probably made a lot more plastic waste from angel bottled water than we had to
  • I'd like to see (i.e., do myself) more so that shy/lonely/solo-visitors can meet others (+2)
  • Lounge was a bit too loud [+2]
  • Ein Kongress gänzlich ohne Bällebad ist schon irritierend. Aber eine komplett unbeleuchtete Fairydust, offensichtlich beabsichtigt, macht mich dann doch fertig.
    • There was a Bällebad! (In the Kids Space.)
  • The information screens changed pages too quickly. It takes a bit of time to orient on a page, than to read and digest the information. I think at minimum three times per page than it was at 37C3 is needed. [@dreieck] (+1)
  • call for .... ideas (for the congress) or a call that's more open (thinking out of the box) would be nice.
  • Ich fänd es eine Überlegung wert, mal Vorschläge zu sammeln, ob/wie es ggf. möglich wäre, mal bei den "core"-C3s/alt eingesessenen C3s reinzuschnuppern, Prozesse mal anzuschauen, um diese Bereiche langfristig auf mehr Schultern aufteilen zu können und langfristig die Expertise zu sichern. "C3-Praktikum" o.ä. Denn das ist ja weit mehr als Engeln beim Congress (wobei es dafür ja eh keine Schichten gibt). (+1)
    • Ich glaube die ganze Orga-Struktur könnte stark entlastet werden wenn man sich mal trauen würde Verantwortung auf mehr Schultern zu verteilen. Es gibt auch Leute auf dem Congress die nicht umbedingt CCC-nah sind aber auf sowas Bock haben, aber es ist einfach nicht möglich in diese Core-Croup reinzukommen/sich da irgendwie zu beweisen. Ganz konkret würde ich mir z.B. sehr wünschen dass die Bars von irgendwelchen engagierten Gruppen betrieben werden statt vom BOC, so ähnlich wie der Späti, dann gibt es eben einen Häcksen-Tresen oder eine Noisy-Bar, statt diesen etwas langweiligen zentralistischen Tresen die es bisher gibt.
  • If possible, it would be good to have a way to filter presentations based on language in


  • It is a nice congress, but I noticed one disadvantage compared to Leipzig. In Leipzig there were more seminar rooms. This year quite a few of self-organised sessions take place on the floor of hallways or in the corners of rooms. [+1] The same holds for rounds of discussion with a speaker after the official talk. There is hardly any good place for 10+ people to retreat to continue a discussion. (+4) (-1)
  • Some Stairs / Ways are blocked for no appearent reason at all -> Maybe for those cases clarify ways for example to Saal G (+1)
  • Great to be back at CCH - I think this has a way better atmosphärische compared to Leipzig (+4)
  • Most exits also get used by smokers to smoke. I occasionally seek an exit to get a bit of fresh air for a moment and cigarette smoke is quite the opposite of that to me. Some non-smoking exits or smoking areas further away from the exits would be nice to keep the smoke away from non-smokers. (~ada)
    • +1, I was one of the folks continuously masking up indoors. For eating, I thus had to go outside. Especially during rain time the part below the roof on the hall H terrace was covered in cigarette smoke everywhere. It wasn't even too packed, but smoking people just spread out evenly.
      It'd be neat to mark some fress air space near the food court area as non-smoking. Just because it's outdoors, it's not necessarily destined for smoking there.
  • Please communicate rules like no sticky tape on the wall a bit earlier. It was communicated after we put up a banner using our own (non residue leaving) tape. I have a feeling this could have been avoided very easily.
    • The issue was that Orga didn't know themself, even the non residue leaving Gaffa was too much because it leaves even less than none on painted walls. We had to use some special painters tape (i think).
  • I did not expected that hamburg has such a poor public transportation system after midnight. my first congress was in leipzig, so i knew that its no issue to come back to the hotel late. now i have used a hotel in altona and was surprised with a 45min bus ride after hacker ruck zuck on day 1. nothing what can be fixed easliy, but i wanted to mention it
    • (+1) could have been communicated beforehand so that people could plan their journey in advance
  • Rotatable spots were really annoying in the assembly area. its not so nice if you get every 20 seconds a full brightness beam of light in your eye. That can be adjusted/planned different that they are not pointed on bystanders. (+1)
  • More proper seating options would be nice. Lots of people are just sitting around on the floor. If you're not part of an assembly it can be hard to find a place to sit down. (+3)
  • I support this, there were hardly any couches or similar means to sit down with other people
  • The rocket had a nice central place but was missing some nice colorful lighting.
  • The general availability of tests and masks was definitely a plus (I think there were more tests and masks available than in many German pharmacies) - @lwille (+3)
  • There were too few places for self-organized sessions. [lizbian] (+4)
    • It would also be nice if there were some rooms that aren't possible to book in advance (e.g., only allow booking them 24hr prior or something) to allow more spontaneous sessions [lizbian]
    • There were too few rooms for self-organized sessions that were not closed. Things like the ADHD meetup or the Relationship Geeks meetup could have benefitted from being in a closed space for a bit more privace, as they were discussing sensitive topics. The privace of those places could also have been more obvious in the registration form.
  • Stage Y had pretty bad acoustics in the evening, when there was music from the Späti, especially for the seats in the back.
  • Stage H had a suboptimal layout, as people are walking right through the middle of the audience, it's distracting. (+2)
  • Too few places to sit, where you could lean against something, that aren't a chair. My partner and I had serious trouble finding spaces to rest and cuddle. (+1)
    • insider tip: kinkygeeks had a very cozy cuddle area .
  • Lounge was huge downgrade in size and decoration, understand to make compromise with Hall H as Leipzig style but I wish for previous lounge on 38c3 and following (+1)
  • Hang big public maps with index on all central places. To make navigation easy for people who walk around without device. [@dreieck] (+1)
  • Some informationin c3nav was wrong; e.g. the assembly "Workzone" was on the opposite side of that big table arrangement than were it was noted. Also "Bremen" was wrong. [@dreieck]
  • There were some more small rooms which maybe could be used for small self-organised sessions/ workshops (I know that there were workshops which only accepted a few people), I know of the "Regieräume" of Hall H. In general, there was a lack of proper spaces for self organised sessions. [@dreieck]
  • Hinweise an den Türen, diese leise zu schließen. Gerade in den kleineren Sälen oder SOS-Räumen war das teilweise sehr nervig, wenn Wesen zum Schauen "was hier grad ist" reinkamen, die Tür knallte, es scheinbar nicht das Passende/Gesuchte war, die Wesen gingen und dabei wieder die Türen knallten.
  • Congress im ICC Berlin, wann? Die Landesdenkmalbehörde sucht nach Nutzungsideen btw


  • The monitors above and around stage H that continuously displayed animations were distracting during talks and workshops. For accessibility reasons, please make it possible to switch them of or to anything custom while sessions are beeing held there. [@dreieck]
  • Red blinking light(s) were at the table(s) of some sessions. It was distracting for stimulus-sensitive people (accessibility). [@dreieck]
  • Accessibility: Continues insonation ("Beschallung") with music from loudspeakers in a room where also assemblies sit is anti-accessible for people who are sensitive to (permanent) noise. It was the case in hall H on evening(s)+night(s). Please separate it and have designated space for continued insonation, which is not shared with general use/ assembly spacce. [@dreieck]
  • Accessibility awareness: Having the fog machines running in main rooms makes those rooms very uncomfortable or unbearable for some people. For me it was the case in the Foyer. Please, if you use fog machines (which operate with anything else than plain water vapour), use them only in rooms which do not have any general purpose but where only stuff is that is related to that machine. E.g. a party. [@dreieck] (+1)
    • the fog was scary at some points. I bumed into someone, we both couldn't see each other, we touched to orientate, but it felt unwantet (i guess for both of us)
  • Accessibility awareness (technical accessibility): For people that do not have a QR code decoding device with them, the appearance of QR-code only URLs at different ocassion was excluding (some quest, even some talk/ session). I wish that active awareness for that fact is raised. [@dreieck] (+1)
    • and for QR-Codes you have to be able to see.
  • relaying feedback I saw elsewhere - the tactile guides in the floor were apparently covered with bulky stuff too often. In the interest of accessibility, they should be kept free more consistently
  • I really dislike that whole QR Code thing in c3nav. Hiding accessibility rooms (e.g., the silent room) like that makes it harder for people to even learn about its existence when they need it.
    • This was to made sure that only the people who really needed it get to it. We only had a small room to begin with and too much people would make the purpose of that room moot.
      • so this is how you choose who to be accessible to and who stays out? (+1)
        • different poster - there were multiple silent rooms. I know of c3auti (on the map, specifically advertised for quiet room needs!), the dedicated quiet room (for meltdown/shutdown situations) and heaven rest area. Probably more, and c3auti will be happy to refer you to many of those.
  • The lighting in Halle H was way too dim and hectic for a space where people stay for a prolonged period of time. The hall is neither a disco nor an art installation, but a living/work space for thousands of entities. In most places ist was next to impossible to do anything without additional self-provided lighting. I can't even begin to imagine how bad it is for people with visual impairments. Next time, please use a reasonably bright base neutral color scheme with accents and keep the lazers and moving lights to the lounge. (+1 with !!)
    • Pro tip: you can talk to the lights people - at FHB, we needed white light in order to prepare food properly, so we just went up to them and asked. It worked. If you need the lights to not blink at you, they can probably accommodate you.
  • It would be really nice to have some kind of information available about which talks are going to be translated into which languages in advance (aka more than the next talk per lecture hall, which is what's currently available on, so guests can plan in advance which talks they can watch (or improve the visibility of this if it exists somewhere, maybe via integration to the fahrplan?)
  • Next to our table, a person was playing the same song every day for multiple hours on repeat using a powerful PA system. Multiple people asked them to please turn the volume down but this had no effect. This caused multiple people to avoid our own table as it was difficult to have a conversation. At least I got a headache from the music. Would it be possible to add some sort of guidance on playing loud music for future events? If such a guidance would have existed I'm sure people would have tried to escalate the issue further to organizers when the problem continued.
    • This is a situation I'd escalate to the awareness team, personally. I don't feel like it's necessary to have an extra guidelines for stuff like this because we'd end up with a bunch of rules that way. Nevertheless, bothering everyone around you definitely isn't "excellent", and I would assume that everyone thought someone else would take care of this and in the end no one did. (I feel like I've been to too many chaos events to judge if the escalation channels are communicated in a way that they're easy to understand for everyone, especially those who don't read all the info pages, so maybe this needs some review?)


  • It would be nice to have an English (and/or other languages) version of the blind dect
  • It did not manage to set up SIP on Android 14 correctly with baresip. It would be great if Eventphone can recommend a client and document the setup.
  • your feedback here [optional: your nick here]
  • Get GSM running on the newer iPhone models
  • Have some SIP client recommendations (focus: reliability) for all major platforms / OSs
    • <<< I spoke to EventPhone and they said SIP, at least FLOSS apps, won't work well on Android, as OS support was pulled. We agreed it would be good to communicate this in advance, so that people don't even try with this setup, and rather resort to good old DECT.
  • it would be cool to be able to favorite numbers like talks and then to import only these favorited numbers
  • DECT worked super stable :-)
  • GSM did not work reliable when the congress was full. Sometimes voice just dropped, sometimes connection not possible. With a DECT, it worked. [@dreieck]
  • Isn't it possible to have 3 digit DECT numbers not block 4 digit ones? I can never get my favorite number 5299 anymore because someone has 529.
  • (New) eSIM would be great to have (for those who do not have it/were not at camp)

Internet Infrastruktur / Internet infrastructure

  • Some assembly tables were missing switches, and I couldn’t figure out how/if to get one for our assembly. I called around several places which didn’t appear to be responsible. Please communicate these responsibilities more clearly, especially for assembly organizers. (+1)
    • afaik noc is responsible, but they didn't have enough switches. we asked them for connectivity at the fau assembly and they told us they are out of hardware.


  • the toggles/switches in the design (e. g. for marking an event as "favorite"/adding it to one's own fahrplan) are hard to distinguish whether or not they are on or off; the change of icons does not provide sufficient visual feedback IMHO - luap42 (+1)
  • would have been nice to subscribe to my saved sessions via ical or similar, like you can do with angel shifts. [lizbian] (+1, I'd love that!)
  • The hub doesn't have all the relevant information, and the categories were a bit unclear in some places. As a result, it wasn't a reliable place to look for information in my experience.
  • The timetable in the app allows you to keep a list of favorites. If a session is cancelled, it just drops from the schedule and the favorites. At least in the favorites, it should show up as cancelled. (We were confused where "Fortbildung Cyber-Astrologie und KI-Karma" had gone on the first try)
  • Since I couldn’t log into the Fahrplan app with my Hub account (I’m pretty sure that feature doesn’t exist, and if it does, it’s well-hidden), I had to favorite talks twice and even forgot about some talks I had favorited on my laptop but then forgot about on my phone. This would be a really useful feature in my opinion.
  • Create a short "it's my first congress" guide, which explains the very basics on how to navigate the event. There is a lot of documentation, but there would be value in creating a very short guide, as it may encourage new visitors to actually read it beforehand. Make sure that somewhere between buying a ticket and getting a wristband, everyone is pointed there. (Adding to this: There could be an open space for first time visitors on the first day. This not only helps them learning about the event, but also who the other first-timers are, so they have at least some contacts to get started.) (+1, nice idea, aspecially for the ones, that aren't taking place at the chaos-part*innen)
  • The "recent changes" page had a too short history and it was always full with only the Dating page changes. So not suitable for finding interesting things happening. Suggestion: Make a list of all pages with number of changes and sort by date of last change.
  • "Mein Fahrplan" feature was very helpful
  • I missed the feature to configure to get an email when someone writes a direct message. [@dreieck] (+1)
  • If an assembly creates a space (room) for a talk/ workshop/ ..., it should be able to check in a checkbox that the space can be used by anyome (default "no", opt-in "yes"). [@dreieck] (nice, idea)
  • If someone books a space for a workshop, it should be possible to check an optional box that the space is not needed for exclusive use. That way, also someone else can has their own workshop in the same space, if they are also fine with it. Details of how to handle it need to be implemented, e.g. only after acceptance by the first booking person, so that compatibilities can be checked. We had it a few times that we used some space but were fine with co-using. [@dreieck]
  • Hall 4 was a big room which was only used from ~14:00 onwards. Make it available as a general space for self organised sessions beforehand. [@dreieck]
  • I liked that assemblies could create their own "rooms", so that a small round could e.g. meet at the floor at the end of a corridor (where there was no through-traffic). [@dreieck]
  • It's a bit a pain to edit the wiki pages when they are big (both navigating and cannot edit because someone else does it). Wish: Make edit by section possible, which also includes locking only by section. [@dreieck] (+1)
  • As a first time CCC visitor I would have found it very helpful to have a "Required knowledge level" or "target audience" tag in each talk description in the Fahrplan. (+1)
  • The fact that events (self organised sessions or assembly events) only appeared in the schedule.xml when a room from the drop down list was assigned to them (that I was told) did actually hide a lot of events (those that had their location only specified in freetext form) from schedule applications. Also it incentivised the creation of the "Pseudoroom" and the "Quasiroom", just to bring the event into the schedule. The latter would not have happened if all events would have made it into all schedule distribution channels (I know because I was part of the assembly which did it). Wish: Next time to include all events into all schedule distribution channels, weather they have a predefined room specified or only in free text form or only at the assembly itself. [@dreieck] (+1)
  • I miss "recent changed" for the wiki pages. [@dreieck] (+1)
    • That did turn up during the event. Check the sidebar.
  • Long time feature request: Could event pages link to recordings after the fact? There already is a [recorded] tag, it could be turned into a link, and maybe the hub pages could even embed that?


  • I really don't understand why things like the angelshirt handout, food info, and other permanent information are awkwardly placed in the news feed, instead of just having their own pages [lizbian]
  • Shutting down angel shirt distribution for teardown night causes a lot of unnecessary frustration - yes we tend to be short on angels during teardown, but the shirts are an important morale item and it turned out we really had enough angels. Heaven teardown was too little work for too many angels, we could've easily handled shirt distribution.
  • I think a connection between the Hub would be nice (but maybe difficult?), so that I get a warning if I sign up for a Shift, if at the same time a talk runs I favourited.
  • Some Angel types where added only late. It requires active "crawling" of the site to see if there are new ones. Please either communicate a deadline until when all angel types are added, or update in the news area if new types were added, if the deadline solution does not work. [@dreieck] (+1)
  • Ich fänd ein paar der Einführungen für Schichten an Tag 1 abends oder auch noch an Tag 2 (morgens) schön. Wesen, die nicht so viele Urlaubstage haben/Schichtdienste etc., können teilweise erst an Tag 1 anreisen, dann braucht es einen Moment, um "anzukommen" und dann sind die Einführungen alle schon gelaufen und damit die Chance auf solche Schichten auch. Habe das jetzt mehrere Jahre durch. Find ich schade!

Info Pages

  • I was late on the first day because the opening time was not communicated well ~ @jendrik (+1)
  • [@dreieck] Some information, like when teardown starts, were only communicated in the Engelsystem (i.e. you need to register yourself as an angel and look there) or under-the-hand, but not at a general accessible place. E.g.:
  • Communicate this feedback site better: Start live at the congress (in talks and with signs), in the blog (and maybe, if soft and hard policies allow, after the congress mabye even by email to all email adresses registered for a ticket). [@dreieck] (+1, good idea)
    • Also, communicate until when you would like to receive the feedback. [@dreieck] (+1)


  • Moderation took too long to remove certain Content which goes against Code of Conduct
    • Yes, signal angels should have moderator rights, so obvious content can immediatly be removed
    • Chat moderation is actually just a byproduct of signal angles and should mostly not be handled by them, because they should be able to focus on the talk and the questions
    • whose job would that be then?
    • online awarenessteam oder online angels?

Turnhallen-Unterkunft / Gym accomodation

  • Dass es Schlafmöglichkeiten in Turnhallen gibt, finde ich richtig super. Leider wurden sie erst am 18. Dezember, also 9 Tage vor der Veranstaltung, angekündigt. Das bedeutet, dass eine hypothetische potenzielle Teilnehmerin mit wenig Geld, für die diese Unterkunft nützlich wäre (für wen sonst?), schon entweder während des Vorverkaufs entschieden haben könnte, wegen der Unterkunftpreise nicht zu kommen; oder sie könnte (um Geld zu sparen) ein nicht stornierbares Angebot in einer Unterkunft gebucht haben und kann daher hinsichtlich der späten Ankündigung nicht mehr wechseln. Und weiter: die hypothetische Teilnehmerin könnte entschieden haben, dass sie nicht zum Auf- oder Abbau kommen kann, da so ein Unterkunftpreis linear in der Anzahl an Nächten skaliert. Daher könnte sie schon längst einen Super Sparpreis für die Heimfahrt gebucht haben und somit ebenfalls trotz der Turnhallenunterkunft nicht zum Abbau bleiben. --fynng (+2)
  • The existence of them was only communicated too late. [@dreieck]

Essen / Food

  • Many sessions and talks start at 10:00, but it is hard to get any food in the congress center before 12:00. Are there places to get a breakfast nearby?
    • I grabbed something from Dammtor station on the way to congress and found that the proximity to a train station very convenient - @jendrik
  • Water bottle refill stations like on the camp would be nice at congress too. +1
  • The food offers were not so great. I imagine the CCH does not allow competition. But it would be great if the selection of food would be more diverse. Also, too bad that almost all the offers in Dammtor station disappeared. Food was expensive - but I would still pay for it if it would be not just burgers, hot dogs, fries - and a single vegetarian stand. (+1)
    • Random idea: Have some congress logistics to route food orders from the outside to the people who ordered them. If that'd be okay for CCH of course. (+1)
    • Opening hours of the CCH food stalls was poor
  • The smell at the food-area was very strong.


  • Tags here in the hub, e.g. when tagging assemblies, are case-sensitive. “Politik” and “politik” are different tags. Different assemblies use tags with different conventions regarding the case. I think it would be better if they were treated as the same tag. (+2)
    • When entering assembly tags, a preview of tags used by others could be provided so that assemblies might “converge” on commonly-used tags. (+1)
  • The noise from some party, especially the bass, could be heard in Hall 1, which I found annoying during the excellent lecture “Heimlich-Manöver” by Arne. [+2]
  • Bar angels were too compliant regarding amount of Havanna Club in Tschunks.
  • During workdays there is a night bus system after midnight which connects the CCH to the outside world until 5 am. There were only small busses in use, even if HVV can operate bigger busses. This has also has happend at all the last Hamburg congresses. It might be a good Idea to inform HVV about operating longer night busses during congress to get home / into hotel after the last talk.
  • Was there a way to contact the awareness team without the need to talk (in person or on phone) or have a DECT? If so, I wasn't able to find that information.
    • wasn't well communicated. (+1)
  • Cease and desist with the rampant LED strip epidemic! Unshielded LED strips, devoid of any diffuser, naked and glaring, are an affront to aesthetics, morphing the event's atmosphere into something reminiscent of a bustling Döner Kebab stand. It's time to pull the plug!
  • The "Halfnarp" was a nice service, but there was a lack of communication until which date it should be filled to be considered. So I postponed it to lower priority "when I have time", and then the schedule was already made. It would be helpful to communicate what the timing of the schedule making team is so that people can do the halfnarp in time. [@dreieck] (+1)
  • The low light for all the time was a bit depressing and working against to biological rythm. I would have liked it more when light also in the assembly halls (were many people usually sit or do stuff) is daylight-adapted; bright during day and dimming during dawn. [@dreieck]
  • I disliked that stuff like "Pixelflut" is re-appearing every time, which makes it not seem to be an "alive idea from now" but "a reproduction of something which once felt alive". Compared with the competitive "fight" to place the own logo, as it looked like, it did leave some bad taste within me. [@dreieck]
    • to "Pixelflut" I think its more the bad implementation - if it could be done with nice or funny challanges - in wich more people have to reach special goals in cooperation - it could be nice, but not like that. but well... other groups with (sadly, bad infrastructur) did it better years ago already...
  • I understand the challenges with merch, but selling merch that has been pre-ordered AND not refunding does not sit right with me. You cannot sell the same item twice. You can easily say that you do not refund stuff that hasn't been sold, you can substract a fee when refunding, and you can even ask people to donate the sum - but just deciding you have the right to sell something twice is pretty unacceptable.

Images / Photos

  • It seems that more people than on previous congresses don't know the rules regarding photos of persons. Maybe one could use signs in the entry area to inform about the rules regarding pictures of persons. (+1)
    • Es sollte vor den großen Vorträgen erwähnt werden. Meine mich zu erinnern, dass es in den Vorjahren auch so war. (+2)
    • Vom CCH-Personal wurden regelmäßig Bilder per Handycam gemacht, hier wäre ein freundlicher Hinweis sinnvoll
    • Und ggf. brauch es da den Hinweis, dass die Photopolicy auch für Videos, Streams und Videocalls gilt. =S
    • Evtl. braucht es extra gemarkerte Areas, nicht nur in der Pressearea?
  • evtl. auch mehr Erklärung dazu? Die Kultur muss verstanden werden - und leider tun das nicht mehr alle. Dazu ist das Aufnehmen jedes Lebensbereichs "normal" geworden. So traurig es ist - nicht einmal im öffentlichen Raum ist es noch verständlich...

Blog Posts


  • Auf der Seite fehlt eine Kontaktmöglichkeit und Twitter-Kanal scheint nicht mehr aktiv:
  • Liebes Team bei c3edu, in Hessen ändern sich ab 01.01.2024 die Regeln.
    § 11 Abs. 4 HBUG („Queranerkennung“) wurde geändert. Beantragt ihr für den #38c3 eine Anerkennung in Hessen? Frage für mich und würde auch das Antragsverfahren unterstützen, wo/soweit das geht.
    Mein Kontakt:


  • 💜 for the free ear protection
  • Sound was great, but the ceiling occasionally resonated at certain frequencies (+1)
  • Avg BPM might have been a big higher
  • Could anyone tell if there is a track or record from hex328? Day 1 Jazzlounge 17-19h
  • Loved what you did with the room. Looked great and the feeling was right. Thanks for the work!

press / media coverage

  • see Press Reviews
  • Ideen aus Mastodon, nach Erdgeists Post:
    • Pressespiegel bzw. Bericht über Pressearbeit und Sprecher*innen-Arbeit bspw. im Jahresrückblick
    • Möglichkeiten von Infos der Assemblies während des Congresses in PMs o.ä. Formaten
    • neue/andere Formate überlegen? Bspw. bewusst Wesen ins Sendezentrum bitten/anfragen für Infos vom Congress?