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The Phone Operation Center (powered by Eventphone) will be present at the 25C3 this year again with a mobile DECT system and phone infrastucture.


[edit] Registration

The extension registration is open:

You can bring your own DECT phone and register it at the 25C3. So you will be able to call other 25C3 participants for free. To secure your personal extension in advance please register and then enter your extensions in the phonebook.

[edit] Which phone to buy?

If you want to buy a new phone the POC-Crew strongly suggests a Siemens Gigaset. You can get a Siemens Gigaset AS280 for 30 EUR at the Media Markt near the BCC.

Do NOT buy the cheaper AUDIOLINE WAVE 100e nor the neat-looking ZET-Phone 730 - the do not work, even the box mentions the support for GAP.

You can find a compatibility list in the Eventphone-Wiki.

[edit] Dial In

Additionally we will have outside connectivity via PRI-ISDN over IP tunnel.

Dial-in number is: (+49)-461-5056623-<extension>

It's also possible to use SIP for incoming calls. Just use:

<4-digit internal number>

[edit] Dial Out

Calls inside Germany will be free of charge. Just dial 0-<phone number>. For instruction dial another 0 and wait.

For more information visit the Linux-Call-Router project. Please drop Jolly a mail and tell me about your opinion about quality of the VoIP tunnel.

[edit] After the Congress

If you don't need your phone anymore after the Congress consider giving it to the POC for organizing future events.

[edit] Special numbers

I couldn't find any 'special numbers' in this wiki, these are from last year:

8001: Saal 1

8101: Saal 1 (DE --> EN simultaneous interpretation, if offered)

8002: Saal 2

8003: Saal 3

2088: labyrinth

8123: PoC menu

8124: music/lorem ipsum

8463: time

8666: sexline

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