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Image:LCR.jpg Linux-Call-Router project is back with new mISDN V2 driver...


[edit] What we do

Again we will provide telephony to the congress by linking the POC to Versatel via ISDN over IP tunnel. You will be able to dial to the national fixed telephone network for free, except value added numbers.

[edit] Use your Telephone

To dial to a german number, dial 0 and then 0{area code} {local number}. Example: 0 030 1234567 (dialing to Berlin) Note: You must dial area code even for Berlin.

To dial to the congress from german telephone network, dial 0461-5056623-xxxx, where xxxx is your mobile number at the congress. To dial from outside germany, dial your international access code and then +49-461-5056623-xxxx.

[edit] Visit us

Further more we will show the Linux-Call-Router software and how to connect it to Asterisk. Other toppics are ISDN tunneling, real-time audio processing, VoIP.

We would like to sit close to the POC for better communication and easier linking the DECT PBX with our PBX. We are four people but other friends and visitors join us from time to time.

[edit] Contact us

  • jolly AT eversberg DOT eu
  • before and after congrees: +49-4644-973171
  • during the congress dial 9000 or from outside: +49-461-50566239000
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