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Lightning Talks Day 3

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[edit] Talks - Day#3 - Morning

11:30--12:30 CET
Room 2 on  Level B (ground floor)
Saal 2 auf Ebene B
10 talks max.
List closed.
01 EN Vlatko Kosturjak OpenVAS Open Vulnerability Assessment System -
Free your vulnerabilities!
02 DE M. Dietrich pyneo Software stack for mobiles
03 DE/en Madd Sauer YaketyStats Munin was yesterday...
04 EN/de Richard Sammet fspy small and fast linux filesystem activity monitor
05 EN/de Stefan distributed rainbow table generation
06 EN Tobias Leingruber
Aram Bartholl
Artzilla Browser addon art projects
07 EN Mario Behling Free Software Communities What´s going on in Asia?
08 EN Mattis Manzel wiki-net the local names breakthrough
10 EN Konrad ProductTransparency The ProductTransparency project
11 EN Ben GPG-Visitenkarte Maschinenlesbare Nerd-Visitenkarte

[edit] Talks - Day#3 - Morning - Descriptions

Contact (E-Mail) info are still missing!

  1. key: OpenVAS
  2. key: pyneo
    • lang: DE (en)
    • name: M. Dietrich (E-MAIL ?)
    • title: pyneo - software stack for mobiles
    • info: The mobile world lacks a simple and aesthetic stack of software. Python comes in mind - and pyneo is the implementation of exactly that: a stack that is nice and easy to use.
    • links:
  3. key: YaketyStats
    • lang: DE (en)
    • name: Madd Sauer (25c3[ta]
    • title: YaketyStats - Munin was yesterday...
    • info: YaketyStats (aka YS) gathers statistics about your *nix systems. YS is easy to install, configure and maintain. YS also has an AJAX-powered web interface for graphing data in RRD files--including Google Maps-like dragging.
    • links:
  4. key: fspy
    • lang: EN (d)
    • name: Richard Sammet (richard[tod]sammet[ta]gmail[tod]com)
    • title: fspy
    • info: fspy is an easy to use linux filesystem activity monitoring tool which is meant to be small, fast and to handle system resources conservative. you can apply a lot of filters in order to get the best results...
    • links: fspy on google code, upcoming home page, slides
  5. key:
    • lang: EN (de)
    • name: Stefan (DECT 2173 freerainbowtables[ta]yahoo[tod]de)
    • title: Free Rainbow Tables
    • info: Distributed Computing Project. FRT recently switched to BOINC for distributed table generation. If you finally want your computer to actually do some work for you, you're welcome to help generate indexed rainbowtables which are faster and smaller than traditional ones. There's some info, especially for linux users, on my Userpage.
    • links:
  6. key: Artzilla
  7. key: Freie Software Communities in Asia
  8. key: wiki-net
    • lang: EN
    • name: Mattis Manzel (mattismanzel ÄT yahoo PÖNKT de)
    • title: [[wiki name - page name]]
    • info: wiki-net - the local names breakthrough. In a wiki hive you create a new wiki for whatever purpose with a click instantly. No questions, not even a log-in required... The wiki-net - currently - is a network of wiki hives running on the Oddmuse wiki software. The instant shared local names enable us to link from every page to every page within the wikis in the wiki-net by simply writing [[wiki name - page name]].
    • links: kabo-wiki-hive.
  9. key: ProductTransparency
    • lang: EN
    • name: Konrad (E-MAIL ?)
    • title: The ProductTransparency project
    • info: The ProductTransparency project aims to use semantic web approaches to offer information about products in an open manner. This might empower consumers to make better decisions when selecting products.
    • links:
  10. key: GPG-Business Card

[edit] Talks - Day#3 - Evening

20:30--21:30 CET
Room 3 at ground level Floor B --- Saal 3 auf der Ebene B
Attention! New room contrary to the 'morning' 
sessions (only in this evening session)! 
List closed!
01 EN Stuart Scott SaveTheEarth Project to Help Save the Earth in Early 2009
02 EN Xychix (Mark Bergman) phishmark lets combine phishing & bookmarks
03 EN Mario Behling Freifunk Evolving Freifunk into an international community.
04 EN Marcel Wegermann AgileAdmin Agile Systemadministration - Scrum, Crystal and eXtreme (Programming) for SysAdmins
05 EN pirx Energize! How much energy data centers consume, why we should care, and what to do about it
06 EN Michael Mapping Mapping election results with open standards (Scalable Vector Graphics, German Elections 2002 & 2005)
07 DE Team Netwatcher Manfred, Rolf, Frank Plattform - Netwatcher24 Deutschland - Wir überwachen die Überwacher 10 Jahre Privacy NGO Work -> 10 Jahre Bigbrother Awards -> 5 Jahre Privacy Radio u. Freies Radio -> Radio 1984 International -> AK - Vorrat / Musik Support "Privacy Music Mixes" DJ Indata Jones -> Next 2 go 2009 und mehr
08 DE Manfred Krejcik, Radio ORANGE 94.0 Wien Privacy Report Österreich / Europa § 278 STPO / AT: Terrorverdächtig - Wir alle sind gemeint! In Österreich saßen 10 Tierschützer für ca. 110 Tage in Untersuchungshaft. In DE ist die Parallele § 129. Kurzer Status Quo aus Österreich und warum die Entwicklung im Musterland Österreich vom Imsi Catcher bis zur Onlinedurchsuchung die ganze EU nicht unberührt lassen wird. Ein Blick nach Österreich lohnt und man weiss was auch bald in deutschen Landen kommen wird.
09 EN Karl Palmas Karl, I have your USB/Stick. Oliver. Panspectrocism Big Brother is _not_ watching you! Karl Palmas, Gothenburg University, presents a summary of a research project on new modes of surveillance.
10 EN Christopher Kullenberg Christopher, I have your USB/Stick. Oliver. Resistance Studies Magazine The "war on terrorism" is changing the conditions for researchers globally. Kullenberg, the editor of Resistance Studies Magazine ([2], presents the challenges that open access publication is facing, as critical research turns into terrorism in the face of authorities.
11 EN Michiel Leenaars Funding Funding opportunities for hacking on privacy
12 EN/de Steve Clement Building a HackerSpace in a Democratic Monarchy

[edit] Talks - Day#3 - Evening (Afternoon) - Descriptions

  1. key: SaveTheEarth
    • lang: EN
    • name: Stuart Scott mailto:hackers4earth[att]gmail[dot]com
    • title: Project to Help Save the Earth in Early 2009
    • info: I will discuss the imperative for the C3 community to aid a project of eco-political social engineering aimed at saving life on Earth. There is a real and immediate need to stop the plunge of our ecosphere into climate chaos. The C3 community is uniquely skilled and well-suited to assist in a specific campaign of public awareness and paradigm shifting. The time has arrived.
    • links: To be discussed with those who join the effort. Contact
  2. key: Phishmark
    • lang: EN
    • name: Xychix (mark bergman) mailto:xychix[att]idefense[dot]nl
    • title: lets combine phishing & bookmarks
    • info: Phishing is old, bookmarks are boring. Include the knowledge everyone will click 'OK'. New attack born! phishmarking
    • links: To be discussed with those who join the effort. more to folllow.
  3. key: Freifunk
    • lang: EN
    • name: Mario Behling (
    • title: New drive in the international Freifunk Community
    • info: (German for: "Free radio") is a non commercial open initiative to support free radio networks. It is part of the international movement for free and wireless radio networks. For more information on Wireless community networks or wireless community projects around the world, see Wireless community network.
    • links:
  4. key: AgileAdmin
    • lang: EN
    • name: Marcel Wegermann (
    • title: Agile Systemadministration - Scrum, Crystal and eXtreme (Programming) for SysAdmins
    • info: Is pair administration usefull? Is unit testing the same as monitoring with Nagios? Should we write a network test first? What is about agile values?
    • only my blog so far:
  5. key: Energize!
    • lang: EN
    • name: pirx (
    • title: How much energy data centers consume, why we should care, and what to do about it
    • info: Data centers use much, much more energy than most people imagine. The talk will be as technical as you can get in four minutes. The Slides are here (PDF, about 250 KB).
  6. key: Mapping
    • lang: EN
    • name: Michael
    • title: Interactive mapping of election results with open standards (Scalable Vector Graphics, German Elections 2002 & 2005)
    • info: Elections aren't over after voting, so it seems sensible to also have a look at interpreting and analyzing election results (plus: after the election is before the election, think 2009). Again using open standards for this has many advantages and lets you independently come to your own conclusions as to how the election turned out. The talk will show a web based atlas for analyzing German election results from 2002 & 2005. The mapping application uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), an XML based open standard for vector graphics on the web (see SVG Spec at W3C).
    • links:
    • slides:
  7. key: Plattform - Netwatcher24 Deutschland
  8. key: Privacy Report Österreich / Europa
  9. key: Panspectrocism - Karl, I have your USB/Stick. Oliver.
  10. key: Resistance Studies Magazine - Christopher, I have your USB/Stick. Oliver.
  11. key: Funding
    • lang: EN
    • name: Michiel Leenaars
    • title: Funding opportunities for hacking on privacy
    • info: If you have ideas or actual projects that can help counter the general erosion of security and confidentiality through wiretapping and data retention, or the security of the internet, there are actually organisations that can help you finance the development. One such organisation is NLnet foundation, a Netherlands based charity that a.o. funds development of Tor, GNUnet, Freenet, Little Sister, Noscript, CAcert, Turtle and many others. This lightning talk will shortly describe how this is possible and (more importantly) where and how to apply.
    • links:
    • Presentation
  12. key:
    • lang: EN (de)
    • name: Steve Clement (firstname(yep, thats steve)
    • title: Building a HackerSpace in a Democratic Monarchy
    • info: The hurdles you face in small countries and why Arts and IT go together nicely.
    • links:
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