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I am really happy and honored to be able to attend this year's 25C3 conference. I hold a Computer Science Masters Degree from a bygone era (1985) and never quite fulfilled my potential as a hacker. Rather, today I am the ultimately dedicated environmental warrior (climate change division, social engineering brigade). My life is at present dedicated to the attempt to stop the human-induced plunge of the ecosphere into climate chaos, and the end of conditions on Earth under which life developed. That is, I am waging a personal battle, and joining with others, to help prevent the extinction of the greater part of life on Earth, along with the human species.

This is not a colorful metaphor or empty rhetoric. It is the poignant reality of our situation, whether you choose to acknowledge it, ignore it, or rationalize it away. If we choose to ignore the warnings, or knowingly fail to act in the next year, we face horrific conditions in a matter of decades, which will threaten or doom countless species, including our own. Time is short, and 2009 is the requisite year for action.

I am, through my participation in the 25C3 conference, attempting to rally the considerable skills, forces, vision, and dedication of the hacker community, the C3 members and participants, toward a project of eco-political social engineering in the coming months which may in GREAT measure help turn the tide.

Please attend the Lightening Talk I will give on Day 3 of the conference, 29 December, in the evening if I am not mistaken. Exact time to be determined. If you have any inclination to help save the habitability of the planet Earth, please come and make contact with me after the talk. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the talk (come on, you can spare 4 minutes!), please contact me by email to hackers4earth[at]googlemail[dot]com. For the Earth, Stuart Scott