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Lightning Talks Day 2

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[edit] Lightning Talks - Day#2

11:30--12:30 CET
Room 2 on  Level B (ground floor)
Saal 2 auf Ebene B
Summary: Only eight talks as one was moved to
the next day - and one speaker did not show up.
01 DE Christoph "Schäuble" Daten her! (Performance/Lesung)
02 EN Mario Behling LXDE Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment -
a new desktop for small+old computers.
03 EN Rich Jones Anomos An anonymous, encrypted BitTorrent
04 EN Jan Suhr GermanPrivacyFoundation Protecting Tor administrators
05 EN Jan Suhr OpenPGP-Stick OpenPGP Card on an USB stick
06 EN Aaron Kaplan OLSR successes in 2008 and current focus of work.
07 EN Aaron Kaplan Hacking Botnets + Austria reacts to Dan Kaminsky Infiltrating botnets, stealing back the stolen data -and returning it to $JOE_USER. And: monitors all DNS server patch rate.
08 EN Pierre Pronchery Hackable:1 GNOME Mobile distribution for Hackable Devices

[edit] Lightning Talks - Day#2 - Descriptions

Contact info (E-mail) are missing!

  1. key: "Der Schäuble"
    • lang: DE
    • name: Christoph
    • title: "Der Schäuble" - Daten her!
    • info: Performance/Lesung: "Der Schäuble" is a poem I wrote in German which is an homage to Edgar Alan Poe's poem "The Raven". I contrast the raven's "nevermore" to the unsatisfyable longing of the German federal home secretary Wolfgang Schäuble for our private data. The performance usually takes about ten minutes. It will maybe even enjoyable for foreign listeners.
    • links:
  2. key: LXDE
    • lang: EN
    • name: Mario Behling
    • title: LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment
    • info: LXDE is an easy-to-use, extremely fast, performing, and energy saving Linux desktop environment. LXDE uses less CPU and less RAM than other desktop environments and is especially designed for computers with low hardware specifications - like netbooks, mobile internet devices (MIDs), or older computers. LXDE comes with a beautiful interface, multi-language support, standard keyboard short cuts and additional features like tabbed file browsing. LXDE was started by PCMan from Taiwan in 2005 and is maintained by an international community of developers. Speed up your PC!
    • links:, LXDE-Wiki, LXDE-Blog, Join LXDE, LXDE Foundation
  3. key: Anomos
    • lang: EN
    • name: Rich Jones
    • title: Anomos - Anonymous, Encrypted BitTorrent
    • info: Anomos is a pseudonymous, encrypted multi-peer-to-peer file distribution protocol. It is based on the peer/tracker concept of BitTorrent in combination with the onion routing anonymization layer of Tor, with the added benefit of end-to-end encryption. By combining these technologies, we have created a platform where by no party outside of the trusted tracker will have any information about who a peer is or what they are downloading.
    • links: Anomos is Freedom, Weblog: The New
  4. key: GermanPrivacyFoundation
    • lang: EN
    • name: Jan Suhr
    • title: Introduction of the German Privacy Foundation e.V.
    • info: The German Privacy Foundation e.V. (GPF) works towards the protection of privacy rights. The GPF was founded as a result to investigations of German law enforcement agencies against Tor administrators. The GPF offers Tor administrators to overtake the full legal responsibility regarding the anonymization servers. Therefore nowadays the GPF operates four Tor servers and other anonymization servers (e.g. mixmaster, JAP).
    • links:
  5. key: OpenPGP-Stick
    • lang: EN
    • name: Jan Suhr
    • title: The OpenPGP Stick
    • info: The OpenPGP stick combines the well known OpenPGP Card with an USB interface. This removes the requirement of an additional smart card adapter device but also allows the development of further features such as encrypted storage, integrated input and output interfaces for instance. The OpenPGP Stick is a project of the German Privacy Foundation.
    • links: Sorry, no project page yet. (Please create one!)
  6. key: OLSR
  7. key: Botnets
    • lang: EN
    • name: Aaron Kaplan
    • title: Hacking Botnets
    • info: Infiltrating botnets, stealing back the stolen data - and returning it to $JOE_USER.
    • links: ...
  8. key: Hackable1
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