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[edit] Lego Area at 25C3

Like the other years of CCC the Lego-Duplo-Train is coming again to th congress with all their colored little stones and figures for little and big visitors . Around the clock you can deal with approved technical things from different kind .Some Lego-robots will be around in the corner and take sure that fun and suspense are saved and there will be the guarantee that you will learn something by that.


[edit] Garden for pretty cybernetics

At the same time I want you to introduce the project "Garden for pretty cybernetics". That is wonderful to connect with the Lego-Duplo-Train. For now the project “Garden for pretty cybernetics” will not be in the web, because it wants to unfold itself the first time as a DIN-A4 paper to the congress. So you can say, somthing that will still be on the congress, but not at the web. (You can try to google it,but you’ve no chance,I promise;))

[edit] Contact

  • Herr Schmidt
  • herr AT inputlocal PUNKT de
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