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Heralds provide a special service to by being the main spokesperson in a conference area for a certain amount of time.


[edit] Job Description

The Herald is typically seen as the person who announces the speaker at the beginning of a talk/lecture/... (see Fahrplan). But the job neither begins nor end there. The shift starts with being there ahead of time, making oneself familiar with the upcomig session and speaker, checking whether all needed fellow angels are in the room (documentation, conference) and possible special needs (does the projection work, any special equipment required or adapter needed such as VGA/DVI/Mac) to ensure the session can start (and end) on time. We are at the Chaos Communication Congress though, and Name Is Program :-) This means that our Heralds will also need a strong ability to deal with the "Verpeilungsfaktor" (#$*!up-factor): keeping things running, and making the speaker feel comfortable, being the first to react and take care of any problem.

[edit] Sounds great. I wanna be a Herald


Well, can you create a 1min introduction of speaker and session, and speak it freely? Do you feel comfortable doing this on the stage in front of a lot of hackers? Would you be able to moderate a Q&A session at the end if the speaker asks you to do that? Can you be on time? Do you speak English (ideally fluently)? Would it be OK with you to do everything within your power if the speaker wants still water when there's only sparkling water available? Can you remember a few phone numbers like info desk [1111], arch angels [1024], food service [3003=F00D], heaven [1023], volty [5458] and speakers' room [1021]?

Ah - you know what? If you have read until here and are still interested, then we may need exactly you to be a Herald!  :-)

Please show up at any of the Volunteer Meetings - ideally at the one on the 26th (16:00), or just stop by at the heaven and ask the shift coordinator there.

And if you already know for sure, register at the Angel System and send a message to volty there. Beware - there will be a few things occurring last minute, and bringing a DECT phone is a good idea. :)

[edit] More questions?

See the Angel_FAQ or use the discussion page :-)

[edit] Checklist

This is a little check list for every session:

[ ] I know in which room I am and when the session starts and ends (double check Fahrplan/Schedule regularly!)
[ ] I am ahead of time (some 15min prior to session start)
[ ] I have a watch or similar time measurement device with me.

>>> [ ] As soon as previous session is over, start clearing the stage (FRIENDLY):

  • disconnect previous speakers laptop
  • if speaker/audience gather at stage, ask to continue discussion outside

>>> [ ] As soon as the new speaker(s) arrive(s), connect laptop to projection and ensure projection works correctly Fixing projection usually costs most of the time during the first day. Do not waste time, let the video angels fix the problem, if any.

Recovery: Check with other angels first, otherwise call Tabascoeye at 3224. Emergency failover: Call Ambion (1501-1504).
[ ] I know the name(s) of the speaker(s)
[ ] I have introduced myself to the speaker(s)
[ ] I know how to pronounce the name(s) of the speaker(s)
[ ] I can explain in a few words who the speaker is
[ ] I know how the speaker wants to do Q&A
[ ] The speaker knows how he will be informed about session timeout
NOTE: Cards are at the audio mixer. Sometimes the speaker wants to get timeout sign 15min prior to starting Q&A, e.g. 30min talk, then 15min sign, then another 15min talk, then 15min Q&A...
[ ] I know the name of the session
[ ] I can explain in a few words what the session is about
[ ] There is water for the speaker (check preference still/sparkling)
Recovery: Call food angels at F00D (3003)

>>> [ ] Audio- and Video angels are present

Recovery: At T-5min, Call shift coordination at 1023

>>> [ ] Check that the entrances (sometimes also emergency exits) are free from obstacles (resp. audience). If not, pick up the microphone and ask the audience to do a "defragmentation of the seatspace" by shifting places in their rows away from the entrances as far as possible. This will make room for most of the others. If people start piling up inside again and entrances (resp. exits) are blocked kindly ask them to go outside and watch the video stream.

Recovery: If you are unable to enforce emergency exit routes or other security requirements, please call 110 from your DECT

>>> [ ] When the speaker is ready and the session start time is reached:

[ ] Take a mike and do housekeeping (ATTENTION: This changes frequently, please read the NEWS section in the angel system thoroughly -- contains current handling of overcrowded rooms and so on)
[ ] Enter stage and make announcement, then hand over to speaker. Make sure the audience is applauding the speaker by inviting them to do so with your last sentence.
[ ] Stick around, fix problems if any
[ ] 15min prior to end (or at agreed time): start showing -15, -10 and -5 min signs to speaker
[ ] Allow ABSOLUTE maximum of 5min over time if necessary. Do everything within your power to allow speaker(s) to gracefully end their session. (e.g. during Q&A, take a mike and say "three more questions" or "one more question, after the session you can catch up with speaker outside").
NOTE: At your own discretion, directly before a big break you may allow a bit more, like 10min over time, but this REALLY should be an exception.

>>> [ ] As soon as the session is over, try to clear stage area again, disconnect speaker and help connecting new speaker (if following Herald is not there, yet)


  • Attend an audio/video introduction to ensure you are familiar with these aspects
  • Assist audio angel with "equipping" speaker with headset (especially if audio angel is late)
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