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[edit] When and where to meet?

Unfortunately we didn't get any space allocated  :( I'll post contact details on the discuss page. Is there anyone wanting to give a talk or setup a meeting?

[edit] Who we are

We are a group of people who are keen to Free (and hack) Culture.

There is also Students for Free Culture (SFC), formerly known just as Free Culture, it is an international student organization with many chapters on campuses around the world, most of them in the United States.

The student group took their name from the book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig and does local chapter events, as well as some national events, centered around Creative Commos (often called the CC licenses), Open Access, Free Software, etc.

If you plan on attending the Free Culture sessions at 25c3 please add yourself to the list on the talk page.

[edit] What we are doing

We would like to spread information about Free Culture and the current Open University Campaign.

We are also interested to link to organizations and people who have similar things in mind. Open Access and Open Educational Resources are important issues for us.

Visit this page for updates.

[edit] More Information

Furthermore, the mailing lists Discuss (English) and de.fc (German) might be of interest.

[edit] Wish List

We hope to get a comfortable 'couch for our space. If that is not possible we are happy with a few chairs (~6) and table space.

[edit] Contact

Send us a Mail if you like.

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