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[edit] The small history of this year Crew Catering

The Crew Catering Co-ordinators are a bunch off oldskool hackers who love to hack food for fun.
We met on the Chaos Communication Camp in Finowfurth 2007 in the angel kitchen. Since there was already the P.O.C and the N.O.C we decide to name us the F.O.C. This stands for Food Operation Center. The F.O.C. doesn't use tin-food everything is "hausgemacht" or "home-made".

At the 2007camp this was 24hour food time table:

10.00-17.00 Almost never-ending breakfast
17.00-19.00 Closed for dinner (look in the "white one" for bread)
19.00-24.00 Dinner
24.00 Letzte Runde fur Angel im arbeit ("open source food" for the rest on the table)

The Angel kitchen produced a very wide range of food:
There was the besides the usual pasta, an open source bbq with different home made sauces, a potato salad, some sweet carrot salad, pancakes without eggs with Apfelschorle (thanks MOEM), Marillen Knödel, for vegetarians "open source" tofoe and tuna fish, every day fruit-sallad for the vitamins and many other things. We used:

More than 8 collie (40 kg) of tomatoes for soup, sauces and salads. A whole lot of potatoes for the salads and Marillen Knödel. Onions (not for onion routing but just to eat dear Camp Anaconda Campers) Everyday 3 or more big boxes with bread. A powerdrill and a paint mixer for mixing the pancakes. Only three small burners for cooking. Offcourse we did this not alone we had help from a lot of angels.

Moem, Phoenix, Phoenix, Stone ?, Rubberchiken, Stefan, Prleu,Luznegra, Nadine, Knuff, Martl, Raffizack, Uschebit, Topina and all the others I forgot. Thanks to the Store-manager of the Reaal market for letting us buying the food. (and if some body was looking for tofu guess we were first)

25C3: This congress we will have mainly salads at night because we do not have access to a stove/cooker.

  • And remember you only can enjoy the Food if you have an Angel-badge!

[edit] Time Table 25c3

How to find us or contact us?
At the congress our phone-number is FOOD.
There is a website-- -- were you can find some recipes. If you can't make it call "FOOD" and we help you
8.00 breakfast
24:00 midnichtsnack
04:00 uber midnichtsnack
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