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[edit] About

In the Blinkenarea/HardwareHacking space, we will show blinking and non-blinking hardware projects. We will also have some kits for sale, see below.

Arne is organizing this project. Please note that this project is not the same as, nor associated with MicrocontrollerWorkshop, despite the similar name.

[edit] Space needed

Please add yourself to the list if you want to participate. Don't forget to include the space needed. Also include electricity and network needs for big projects. (And please bring at least one extension cord, one multi socket, one 5 port switch, one long network cable more than you need yourself.)

Name Projects Tables/Chairs Electricity Network
Arne quite a few small projects, WLAN-router based web radio, Blinkenarea kits for sale 2-3 tables, 1 chair 1x 230V/16A 1x ethernet
StefanBA small BlinkenLights Arcade replica, generic Blinken-Hardware/Software support, Microcontroller connected to Network Chip and Compact Flash Card 1 table, 1 chair 1x 230V/3A 1x ethernet
novatar blueboxMICRO and some new blinking objects / projects 1 table, 2 chairs 1x 230 V 1x ethernet
sphaera beaming all over my face trying to look good 1 table, 1 chair 1x 230V/3A 1x ethernet
dexter Bildschirmtrix: BTX was an Onlineservice of Deutsche Bundespost that started 25 years ago. The same year in that the CCC was founded. Bildschirmtrix shall show how Onlineservices looked and feld in that days. See also: The setup consists of a public BTX-Terminal and a special device that makes autonomous operation possible (There is no PC or anything necessary, just an Ethernet connection is needed)

Notice: Thank you everybody who tryed BTX for making it a successful project. I think i will continue the development on this project.

1 table, 1 chair 1x 230V/5A 2x ethernet

[edit] Location

You can find us in the room next to the hackcenter (second door to the right after coming down the stairs) where we've been last year, too.

[edit] Kits

I (Arne) will be selling a few BlinkenArea kits. Please have a look at the list below. All kits will be sold for roughly the price of the parts. Please note that all kits will be sold as loose parts, you will have to solder everything yourself!

Name Description Quantity Price Difficulty rating
Ornament Text message flasher, one letter at a time. 20mm 16-segment display. Programmable via RS232. Including a preprogrammed microcontroller. Not including 2 AA batteries. sold out 5€ very easy
OrnaMatrix Text message scroller on a 50mm wide horizontal 5x7 dot matrix display. Programmable via RS232. Including a preprogrammed microcontroller. PCB is hand-made and will not be perfect. Not including 3 AA batteries. sold out 7€ very easy
Programmer Cable Programmer cable for Ornament or OrnaMatrix. Connect to any RS232 serial port to change the text message and flashing/scrolling speed. sold out 1€ very easy
LED-23 Number "23" outlined by 19 LEDs. Only very few left. Including a preprogrammed miccontroller, detailed instructions in English and a 9V battery. sold out 10€ easy (no SMD parts)
AntiKippenLights-Mini Small heart outlined by 18 red SMD LEDs, fits into a matchbox. Including a preprogrammed microcontroller and a CR2032 battery. 2 left 10€ intermediate (SMD)
Blinkstroem Advanced (Streaming version) Blinkenlights-format LED board, 18x8 pixels, 8 grayscales, reads BlinkenMovies from SD card or RS232 stream (57600 Baud, MCUF protocol). Pixels are not square but the aspect ratio used in Blinkenlights. Including 1 GB SD-card! Included controller is not programmed, you will need an AVR ISP programmer or solder at least the controller on the congress, I will have the neccessary programmer there. Needs external power supply (not included) about 8 ~ 12 volts. Solder pads for power, ISP programming and RS232 (RX only). Video streaming from mplayer is possible! The PCB is small enough to allow for tiling of several boards, the software to split your video source is your responsibility ;-), and you will of course need one serial port per board (USB converters work too). sold out 35€ advanced (a lot of SMD parts, TQFP controller)
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