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Please place comments here. Don't forget to sign your contribution with ~~~.

anyone else not receiving login tokens from biglumber? --Poldi 16:41, 9 December 2007 (CET)

what login tokens? i simply had to put my armored key into a text box and hit submit. --Yath 10:41, 23 December 2007 (CET)


"Print out the list and create a SHA256 hash of it for quick verification. " How to calculate the hash of the key-list?

wget --no-check-certificate;download=1
mv web\?keyring\=5395 2007-12-19_06_54-keyring
cat 2007-12-19_06_54-keyring | sha1 > 2007-12-19_06_54-keyring.sha1
cat 2007-12-19_06_54-keyring | sha256 > 2007-12-19_06_54-keyring.sha256
cat 2007-12-19_06_54-keyring | md5 > 2007-12-19_06_54-keyring.md5

Final Date?

We should probably set a final date for key contributions in order to make all people calculate the same checksum. I propose xxxx but it's hard to enforce this anyway as long as biglumber doesn't stop people from uploading keys after that date.

It is very simple to enforce this as the list will be published where it is supposed to get published: here :)
As for the further adding of keys: I will change the list to "Keys can only be added by you" and then nobody can add keys anymore, presto problem solved.
See the article for the submission date and how that will be handled.
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