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Name Superbertram
Location Travel
Contact Email Website SB



Please visit the website to get a view out of Superbertram

Smart Object & Website

Superbertram is our all friend, he is a representative of a new species of enriched, mobile gadgets, who have a lot of different features combined in a pleasant housing which does not look like a high-tech-tool at all.


  • Superbertram is streaming with both eyes to the internet, constantly.
  • Superbertram´s eyes are moveable by everyone, using the web interface.
  • Superbertram can be phoned. (temp. down)
  • Superbertram is constantly posting glimpses to, approx. 600 per day.
  • Superbertram distributes his Internet-connection to his local surrounding.

Superbertrams main feature consists in delivering live pictures from his close surrounding to the World Wide Web. For doing so, he is equipped with two moveable cameras, which are able to capture visual information at the size of 640 x 480 pixels with a frame rate up to 15 fps, depending on the actual connection speed. Their framing can be controlled by everyone through the easy-to-use web interface by simply clicking into the picture, centering the framing at the clicked position , their range of movement is 90 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically each, which can create a quiet impressive panorama view. While streaming without intermission, Superbertram preservers the seen at the popular online photo community "" automatically in a pre-defined interval, which can range from four frames per minute to two frames per day (Left & Right eye) All pictures are published under CC-License (Attribution-NonCommercial Creative Commons)

More than 38.000 glimpses of Superbertram:

Superbertram is already in duty, streaming 24/7, but many things should be optimized and extended.

Upcoming Tasks

Superbertram should raise from V1.0 to V2.0

Therefor some improvements has to be done:

  • Improvement in Connectivity, (HSDPA)
  • Internationalisation (crosseuropean Contracts for HSDPA)
  • PROXY (Accelerating Proxy for Traffic Balancing)
  • VPN (to extend the possibilities of connectivity & get rid of port-configuration)
  • GPS (automated geotagging & tracking)
  • GUMSTICK (Hardware upgrades to soften boundaries of configuration)

Please download the full documentation of at

Links zu Websites, über bereits durchgeführte Projekte "Parents" of Brain of Superbertram KHM streaming adventures Collection of works


Flo Ledermann -


Florian Kuhlmann -

Stephan Karpischek -

T -

Avalon -


Superbertram should be available and working for the next 12 months, exploring Vienna, Austria and the rest of the world

November - Dezember 2007 Setzen der Milestones, Entwicklung

Januar - März 2008 Programmierung, Optimierung

April - Ende 2008 Superbertram on tour, lokal & global

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