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Party animals' meet-point

This is the page to list all the important parties in the next week or so (2007-12-28 to 2008-03-01). Of course you are free to extend the list. Yes, there a re lots of people staying in Berlin over the NY. And Berlin being the electro-cyber-futuristic-whatnot party place should live up to it's reputation.

Please fill this in! Thanks and may the fork() be with you!

Thursday, 2007-12-27

Just an example - copy-paste-move-on :)
Location Event Name (and link) Start Music style
BCC, Alexanderplatz, Saal 1 The image of computers in popular music 24:00 Mostly crappy pop music (with excuses and explanations it being the way it is)

Friday, 2007-12-28

Location Event Name (and link) Start Music style
c-base Darklab Phonoelit 24C3 Event 22:00 -

Saturday, 2007-12-29

Location Event Name (and link) Start - End Music style
Triftstrasse 36, U6 Richtung Alt Tegel Earth Impact [1] 20:00 - 9:00 psytrance
RAW Tempel, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin - Friedrichshain * * * NightShift! * * * with SHIFT live! [2]  ? psytrance

Sunday, 2007-12-30

Monday, 2007-12-31 aka Silvester

Tuesday, 2008-01-01

Wednesday, 2008-01-02

Thursday, 2008-01-03

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