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Name NOC Helpdesk
Coordinator wintix
Location A,C
Phone 1212 (A), 1312 (C)

In case of any network emergency, network outage or question, contact the NOC Help Desk! The help desk geeks have the tools and knowledge to help you with everything network-related, and they act as the one and only proxy to the NOC, so they are the first who know what is going on if there is any trouble.


Server Colocation

The NOC Helpdesk on level A (downstairs) will gladly host your server. There are cooper Gbit slots available. Please bring relatively long cables.


You can view MRTG generated stats here:

Fixed IPs

You can get fixed IPs for wireless LAN via peg DHCP. Just ask one of the friendly people at the helpdesks to give you a peg for the desired network segment and write/type down gateway, subnet mask and DNS server address.

  • SSID: 24C3-FIXIP
  • IP: 81.163.xxx_xxx (look at your peg for the last two numbers )
  • Netmask: /22 =
  • GW:
  • DNS:


If you want to help, please contact wintix and add your name with a link to your user page and the time you plan to help at the congres below. Please keep the list sorted alphabetically. (Setup starts Dec 19th. and we leave the BCC at Dec. 31st.)

The first NOC HD angel meeting will take place on 27th Dec 01.00 AM in the angels room.

  • bios (26th ca ?? - 31t Dec ca. 5am )
  • blubberdiblub (26th, probably at the first official angel meeting, until 30th, about 16:00)
  • codec (26th Dec ca. 09am - 30th Dec ca. 5pm)
  • Deborah
  • Flatline
  • hilber_space (29th Dec :-(( until 2008 or when it's done :-)) )
  • Jan (25th Dec ca. 01pm - 31th Dec) (maybe earlier)
  • phantom
  • sur5r
  • wintix (26th Dec ca. 11am - end)
  • wollviech
  • zakx (26th Dec ca. 07pm - 31th Dec ca. 6am)
  • you?
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