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The Linux-Call-Router project is an open source software project that can be found at

It is an advanced ISDN PBX that supports BRI and PRI connectivity. It will soon have an interface to the Asterisk PBX to combine NGN telephony with ISDN telephony. On this congress we will discuss the implementation of this interface, which is already partly done.

We will provide ISDN PRI connectivity (30 channels) via ISDN-Over-IP tunnel to the Phone Operation Center. Using your DECT phone will give you free calls inside Germany and receive calls woldwide. Connectivity is sponsored by Versatel.

  • Dial 0<national prefix><number> for calls inside Germany.
  • Dial 0<number> for calls inside Berlin.
  • Dial 0 and wait for instructions.
  • Receive calls from outside Germany or mobile via +49-461-5056623-<extension>.
  • Receive calls from inside Germany via 0461-5056623-<extension>. (0461 must also be dialed in Berlin)
  • Visit us for more information.

To contact us:

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