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Name Ministry of Information
Coordinator Risktaker
Location B01.02
Phone 4636 (info)


Found (still here)


  • air mattress (blue/green)
  • sleeping pad (green (found @gym))
  • power supply (IBM)
  • scarf
    • (brown)
    • (3x black)
    • (grey, checkered)
    • dark red
    • black-white
    • grey
  • zipper jacket
    • (brown, carhartt)
    • (dark brown, divided)
  • glove
    • black, leatherette
    • light brown, leatherette
    • black, light brown (woollen)
  • T-shirt
    • Debian, black (XL)
    • dark grey (XL)
    • black
    • dark red (found @gym)
    • dark brown (s.Oliver, jungle exp. found @gym)
    • red (KIF Luebeck (found @gym))
    • dark grey (found @gym)
  • palituch (white)
  • walking shoes (Gr. 41)
  • Pullover (fleece, black, XL)
  • 21C3 Hoody (XXL)
  • boxer shorts
    • light blue (found @gym)
    • brown checkerd (found @gym)
    • black (found @gym)
  • towel
    • pink
    • blue
    • brown (large)
    • white (small)
    • grey (found @gym)
    • white (found @gym)
    • dark red (found @gym)
    • white, flowers (found @gym)
  • hood-scarf (brown)
  • cap
    • brown
    • black
    • grey/black
    • brown/yellow/blue
    • grey
    • black (Fritz)
  • power supply
    • Macbook (1x gross, 1x klein)
    • Notebook (Engelraum)
    • DVE (9V 210mA)
    • Nokia old + adapter
  • DECT
    • Profoon eventphone-sticker #2115
    • Profoon
  • keys
  • Airpump "Airboy"
  • camera Nicon Nuvis 300
  • digicam Ricoh caplio

This is where you can ask for lost items, information of any kind, membership within the CCC e.V. and other things.

If you are lost or have lost anything this is the place to visit. Any information you might need like an opinion they will provide.


Drop ya quastions here or at the Infodesk personally.

Where do I get Cigarettes?

Try the cafeteria or outside the BCC.

Where can I print something?

Come to the InfoDesk with a USB stick or a URI of the content you want to print.

Do you have a map?

Yes, it's a Image:24c3 the-plan v1.pdf.

I forgot to take the bill of my ticket at the entrance. What to do?

Go there, you were not the only one.

General Information

We're planning to provide some public terminals for all the people without hardware or the unlucky one's with b0rken hardware and so on ... We cannot make this up without the help of some other people. So if you're interested to help us and you can provide some hardware contact Risktaker (also if there are some questions about this). Please keep in mind that we will have this stuff directly at the Ministry of Information and look after those hardware but there's no chance to insure those stuff. That means that it's the own risk to provide some hardware. Every working hardware is welcome, just flag the hardware stuff and talk to the team of Ministry of Information how we can ensure that you get the stuff back .. You can insert your hardware on this page if it's just a monitor or if you need anything to get it work. Feel free :)


Who to contact after the BCC about a lost object? Is there a place somewhere where we can send/pick up lost/found objects?


What did you lose? Who lost it? Mailadress?

  • Ladegerät für SonyEricsson Mobiltelefon (Wetter)
  • Nokia1110i: black and white screen inc. fonic SIM card C: menschenskind at gmail dot com
  • Weiße Ins-Ohr-Steck-Kopfhörer von ZEN im CERT-Raum
  • Meccano - glen.searle at gmail
  • a pair of gloves / Sulamita please contact me at sulamita at gmail dot com
  • Toshiba Netzteil mit schweizer Stecker
  • Schweizer Steckeradapter
  • Schwarze Mütze
  • IBM X-30 (DECT: 5642)
  • Victorinox (the tool brand) messenger bag with IBM T20 or the hard drive!
  • blue Nokia 3330 (alt)
  • silver Ricoh digital camera (probably with Bag) contact: camera at lulzmeister dot de or +49 163/8217517 - reward/Finderlohn!
  • Black IBM Thinkpad T60 | Vanished from the Angel Area | Contact: karas (0175 / 6006438) or email me karas//at//nerd2nerd//dot//org
  • Red Maglite (2*AA version) probably lost on couch in lounge area | Contact: murble (09252 / 3575797) or
  • Canon PowerShot A520 mit Huelle von Hama | Die Kamera hat(te) einen kleinen gelben Kleber drauf. Bin noch bis 3. Januar in Berlin, erreichbar über mein Profil, gibt natürlich was für den ehrlichen Finder. Madconqueror
  • A black ipod video without earcords and a shitload of hardcore music on it. Lost it somewhere in the hackcenter (most likely around the sofas) on day 3. Email me at leh//at//edds//.//de . You will be rewarded. Chef 23:34, 30 December 2007 (CET)
  • Wonder why your laptop bag is so heavy ? It's because there's an extra, brand new MagSafe power adapter for a MacBook Pro inside and I'd very much like to get it back... Wer im Abräumtrubel mein MacBook Pro-Netzteil mit eingetütet hat; ich würde mich sehr freuen, es wiederzubekommen. Es hat auch eine eigene email: Vielen Dank im Voraus.
  • two aluminum tool boxes (alu-koffer), one large, one small. they were dumped on the truck to ccc-berlin. thanks to atoth, i got them back :)
  • a brown blanket - I gave it to someone freezing in the gym and got the promise he will leave it at the gym-frontdesk. But I forgot to pick it up. See thumb to your right. */* eine braune Wolldecke, die ich jemand frierendem in der Gym geliehen hab. Wenn er sie wie versprochen an der Rezeption dort abgegeben hat, sollte sie dort sien, da ichs verpennt hab, sie dort abzuholen. Ihr könnt rechts ein Bild von einer gleichen Decke sehen. Contact via/Kontakt über zifix{[dot]}nochoans{[at]}gmail{[dot]}com. Thanks! Zeti
  • a "Leatherman" multi-tool/pocket-knife. Contact BenHutchings 22:05, 31 December 2007 (CET)
  • a power adapter for my Western Digital MyBook (external HDD). I left it in heaven on a table on day 0, thinking it belonged to somebody else *wall*. It looks like the one in this photo (with the german plug ;-): Yankee
  • polo shirt (kriss)
  • I forgot my watch in the gym. A swatch, with a black rubber band. I think I forgot it in the men's dressing room. I'd really appreciate it if someone found it and would contact me at jens{[at]}jenux{[dot]}homelinux{[dot]}org
  • Einen Schlüsselbund, an dem sich drei Schlüssel,darunter ein Fiat-Schlüssel befinden. Zusätzlich hängt eine Maus als Schlüsselanhänger mit daran. Kontakt:
  • The Debian t-shirt (black, XL) is most probably mine, but it's not even worth the postage fee. I consider it public domain, do with it, whatever you want to do. |
  • a blue towel in the angel area. contact:
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