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yes, freifunk is available at the congress. you can join the meshcloud if u have a WLAN-Router like (Linksys WRT54GL, Asus WL500gP,..) with you. If you have linux, an atheros-minipci-card in your laptop AND the newest drivers you can test it with your laptop too. but, please come to us before (!) to check all the things....

 * 2.412 GHz (11b/g, ch1)
 * bssid: 02:CA:FF:EE:24:C3
 * PI-IPs



please register your Freifunk-Nodes: Freifunk:IPs

Subnetmasks and PI-foo for nerds: Freifunk:IPdetails in detail


a short description for brandnew devices (Linksys WRT54GL, Asus WL500gP,..)

1. Flash the Firmware (mostly via webif) and wait
5. there will be a checklist, please do all the things, f.i.:
3. please deleting all old configuration-data: Verwaltung -> Login (root/admin) -> Neustart -> Neustart mit den Grundeinstellungen des Bootladers
4. the most important thing: you need a "Node-Number", please check this at FreifunkIPs
6. Checkliste erscheint -> IP-Vergabe -> Login (root/admin) -> Nodenummer wählen
8. Reboot

now the device will be no longer accessable via you have to organise a new IP via DHCP and perhaps you will find your device (the default-gateway)

Firmware Update

Entweder unter Verwaltung -> Fern-Update oder per ssh mit

remote-update -b testing
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