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Name Crew Catering
Coordinator OnlyK;Okkie
Location tba
Phone FOOD

Good food makes hard working people happy. We will make good food :-)



  • hot tea and coffee
  • fruits & salads
  • muesli and cereals
  • Sandwiches

4breakfast we will serve pancakes

4lunch, brunch there are sandwiches in the big fridge.

@odd-valued days we will serve mixed green salad with cucumbers, pepper, tomatoes, mozarella @even-valued days we will serve fruit salad with apples, pinapples, bananas, etc.

'Ton's of sandwiches'
What on our sandwiches for the nicht shift?


  • salmon (der Lachs)
  • 3 diffrent kinds of cheese
  • yogurt dessert


  • leberkase
  • 3 diffrent kinds of cheese
  • yogurt dessert


  • Tzazikie(W.I.A.N.)
  • 3 diffrent kinds of cheese


  • open source fruitsallad.
  • open sourcebread
  • open source tomato's

Time Table Food (provisional)

  • 10.00-20.00 Brunch (If you can't make it call "FOOD" and we help you)
  • 20.00 Last Order for Nightangels ("open source food" for the rest on the table in heaven)
  • 24.00 there will be something for the nightshift angels too for the night.
  • 04.00 morning snack.


At the four congress days there might be up to 200 people who volunteer but there are lots of possibilities to buy food also. During buildup and dismantling there are much fewer people but they will rely more on the crew catering as most of them work all day and have no time or energy to prepare their own food.

Every evening we see how many people want to volunteer to what extend the next day. There will be a fixed sum of money per volunteer which the catering crew can spend for food.

Please bring your own crockery and cutlery! Leastwise you´ll need a cup, a plate and a fork/spoon.

As an "Angel" you will also get access to the Crew Catering Trouble Ticketing System (CCTTS).


If you want to help please contact and add your name with a link to your user page and the time you plan to help at the congres below. (Setup starts Dec 23rd and we leave the bcc at Dec. 31st. Kitchen will be closed at Dec. 24th.!)
Please contact Kerstin or Okkie, when you arrive at the bcc!

  1. Okkie December 26th-31st by hackTrain
  2. onlyK December 25th-31st
  3. Martl December 27th-30st
  4. Christian
  5. Kardan
  6. jgr Probably December 27th-31st. Not sure yet.
  7. smiddi December 27th-30st
  8. stiefkind December 26th-31st
  9. you?

The important and verry important stuff

  • If you have an allergy or diet please let us know so we can arrange something for you.
  • Please bring your own crockery and cutlery!
  • And drink more water!
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