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Name Aquaville
Location Hackcenter Across from where we where last year



Question: Where are you sitting? I didn't see the flag "evil finder" int the Hackcenter :-(

We are sitting across the c-base room in the smoke, we have a sign "aquaville" next to the yellow light.

The aquaville is a nice and cozy village with a bunch of os X using geeks.

The AquaVille concept was created during the summer of 2005 at WhatTheHack! When a bunch of like-minded Mac users decided to set up a village - AquaVille - together. By the end of the camp we'd decided we should make this a reoccurring event. You can find us in the hackcenter look for the evil finder flag.

All are welcome this is by no means a closed group.

We also have some cool people here who are going to demonstrate running os X under qemu under Linux.

Next year aquaville will also have childcare for the offspring of our most fertile members, where the kids will be fed, changed diapers and indoctrinated by Okkie. (windows bad, mac good!).

Mac related support

Come over if you need support for Mac related questions/issues. Some Apple service manuals can be found here. We will have Tools for disassembling apart most Macs.

Photo's and flim

Some photos of the WhatTheHack! AquaVille can be found here and here. and here.
Some pictur's from our first time as Aquavile in Berlin.

The aqua-adventure from aquaville at WTH shot with digital camera's and turned in to a film by Kingmob.


  • Okkie - By hackTrain - - arrived -
  • Oli
  • Blkhawk - By Car - arrived - We have lots of space this time :D
  • Jesse - By Train - arrived -
  • Allan - By Air -
  • Christian - By Air - arrived -

Stuff needed

  • Network Equipment
    • Blkhawk will bring a 24-Port 100Mbit Switch with Gigabit uplink ports.
  • Electrical Equipment
    • Blkhawk will bring some Powerstrips
  • Stuff
  • Other
    • Blkhawk a Roll of Tape
    • okkie DR.peper & Cecemel, oldskool apple flag in case.

4 DR. enuf Blkhawk? Sure :)

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