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The Wireless Corner is an international gathering area for wireless community networking.

At the 23 chaos communication congress in Berlin the Wireless Communities will setup a place for gathering and hacking during the 23c3. We will be playing with a lot of toys -- wireless routers, home-built antenna, soldering irons, 3d visualisation software of mesh networks and other funny 802.11 stuff.

The Wireless Corner is located round the stairs at floor C02, same place like last year... ;-)

Who will be there

  • some people from a crashed spacestation
  • s3d developer (Chemnitz, Berlin)
  • some (at least el and tobij) from psyc
  • some people from the berlin + hamburg freifunk community.
  • some people from leipzig freifunk community (at least ufo,sidd and poelzi)
  • some people from halle freifunk community (at least Stephan5, Cyrus, pSy)
  • some people (at least knox) from freifunk hannover
  • some people from freifunk rostock (Opennet Initiative)
  • One anthropologist (aka. Gregers and/or glp)
  • some people from Debian - this will not really be part of the wireless corner, but we will use wireless and be there to be assimilated :) We also have a more serious description of our plan.]



  • OpenWrt
    • OpenWrt Kamikaze
    • freifunkfirmware
      • IP-Wizard (easy config for ff-nodes)
      • rrd-stats
      • auto-firmware/node updater --> in the community way
    • auto-adapt tx power (new and old ideas)
    • h0rst
    • fftrace
  • s3d
  • ffsomething all-in-one ff-db-project
  • VPN -Wireless Galaxie Connections via tunnels
  • News-Server Infrastructure
  • Debian Gnu/Linux
  • antenna museum
  • "hands on" HF-enlightenment by offlinehorst ...ommm... ;-)
  • B.A.T.M.A.N.
  • poelzi's unnamed routing protocol ;) purp? ;-)
  • Rundfreifunk (audiostreaming with and about freifunk)

Workshops for the community

Name/Title Date/Time Done by Notes Participants community comment
project! tba tba foo... bar bla
solder serial modules for your embedded hardware maybe day one in the evening or day two stephanie bring your router cven, someone what is the price for one set?
installing ffsomething for your mesh community mostly done in small groups when people have time poelzi ssh shell and root access to a medium sizes linux server is required bla

Roundtable Meetings


we will do it "ad-hoc"


  • couches
  • switches
    • 1 broadcom 24X 100mbit typ: AVI centrecom FS724i
    • 1 allnet 15port 100mbit typ: all 3161s
    • 1 cnet 16port 100Mbit CNSH - 1600E
    • 3x 8port linksys SD208
    • 2x 16port linksys SR216

what we need

  • Mate --> the best place to buy mate is metro near ostbahnhof, 1box 11euro
  • Lots of switches --> done
  • Beamer + PC for 3d-visualization (preferably Debian Linux + good NVIDIA Card) --> done!
  • Wall space for info material (e.g. 30 * A3)
  • Lots of network cable


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