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Freifunk Live Screenshot with s3dosm using bbbike data s3d is a 3d network display which is supposed to be used as a 3d desktop enviroment. We're going to present fancy network visualisation for the freifunk mesh network - please look at the wall!



UPDATE: BerliOS webserver seems to be down, but Subversion works:

svn co https://svn.berlios.de/svnroot/repos/s3d/trunk

Check s3d.berlios.de, use the SVN for the latest files. The 0.1.1 Release is outdated. We will not release at the 23c3 as planned, there are still bugs to fix and we want to release a stable set. So please stick with the subversion repository for now.


  • A good computer with an OpenGL-accerlated Graphic card is recommended (but you can also use Mesa if you're patient)
  • libg3d version 0.0.6
  • freetype
  • fontconfig
  • x11-devel-libs
  • sdl
  • optional (for some of the applications):
    • xtest-extension
    • gpsd
    • libxml2
    • sqlite3
    • mplayer


  • s3dosm - Openstreetmap, bbbike GPS tool for olsr visualizing and navigation
  • kism3d - 3D Kismet Wifi visualization
  • s3dvt - a Terminal Emulator
  • dot_mcp - our "window" manager
  • modelloader - load any 3d model file (lots are supported)
  • s3dfm - 3d file manager
  • s3d_x11gate - have your X11 destop in 3d
  • mplayer patch - watch your movies in 3d space
  • olsrs3d - graph visualizer, for the olsr topology


IRC: #s3d on irc.freenode.org


Feel free to contact us:

  • Simon Wunderlich
  • Marek Lindner
  • Andreas Langer
  • Timo Schneider
  • ... (and more people not participating)


We're usually at the Wireless:Corner - Please look at the wall!

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