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Official recordings

The official recording mirrors will soon be available. All videos are in MPEG-4 H.264 (iPod Baseline Profile) 640x480 format. They will be via direct download links and via a podcast feed. Stay tuned.

The first 125 recordings are available as of March 22nd. The remaining ones will be uploaded as soon as possible.

note on 2007-03-10: some of the mirrors are fairly outdated and didn't even get the previous two updates. to be certain you are downloading from one that has the current list of files, make sure the first one is 23C3-1256-en-who_can_you_trust.m4v 10-Mar-2007 01:21 (as of 2007-03-10).

visitor comment on 2007-03-23: It seems there are some serious audio problems in the latest batch of videos released on 2007-03-xx. For the previous vids, everything has been perfect, but in the current batch, for some vids, audio is extremely silent. I have to turn up the volume to the max to hear something. I haven't tried all of them so far, but just as a short example: 1449 (the not-so-smart smartcard) is absolutely ok, in 1616 (nerds and geeks) I nearly can't hear anything. Is this a problem in the original video material, or did you mess up something during editing? Please check! Thanks




Europe but "non-European-Union" countires

(Old) Europe:

(New) World:


  • rsync:// (FeM e.V. Ilmenau)
  • rsync:// (HGKZ Zurich, Switzerland)
  • rsync:// (Xanthi, Greece) (outdated)
  • send fresh flower


Unofficial recordings

Please note: We do not encourage redistribution of the leaked videos as they lack proper license information, titles and correct meta-data. Please note that all material is released under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

More on



- temporaerly down for Maintenance


the 23c3 live streaming and recording plannings *ATTENTION: DRAFT!*

DVB-T-Transmission of all lectures in the Berlin/Alexanderplatz area streams the audio (as available in WMV streams above) on +49 69 1730905 800[1-4] via german landlines.

Livestreams und Mitschnitte der 23C3-Vorträge in freien Formaten.

Google Video

some bittorrent releases of the mirrored (official section) files. the collection is still incomplete. for some reason some posts got lost. also try alternative machines

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