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23C3 Propaganda

We are happy to present some Discordian Propaganda. Feel free to use. (Of course most of it can be seen and obtained at the Congress itself).


There are two types of banners. One featuring the 23C3 logo - the other the Golden Apple of Discord... So choose wisely.

23C3 Kallisti
60x50 pixel Image:23c3_60x50_23c3.jpg Image:23c3_60x50_k.jpg
80x64 pixel Image:23c3_80x64_23c3.jpg Image:23c3_80x64_k.jpg
100x80 pixel Image:23c3_100x80_23c3.jpg Image:23c3_100x80_k.jpg
120x100 pixel Image:23c3_120x100_23c3.jpg Image:23c3_120x100_k.jpg
135x120 pixel Image:23c3_135x122_23c3.jpg Image:23c3_135x122_k.jpg


23C3 Kallisti
Image:23c3_320x240px_23.jpg Image:23c3_320x240px_k.jpg
320x240px 320x240px
640x480px 640x480px
800x600px 800x600px
1024x768px 1024x768px
1152x768px 1152x768px
1280x854px 1280x854px
1400x1050px 1400x1050px
1440x900px 1440x900px
1600x1024px 1600x1024px
1600x1200px 1600x1200px

Lakeshore Drive

This years 23C3 Font is the fabulous "Lakeshore Drive" designed by Nick Curtis.

It's available for both mac & pc:,,,

And remember: No two equals are the same!

Custom designs

Get this one from [1]

wallpaper modded / green & embossed (upload here failed due to unknown reason)

Wallpaper in Apple-Style

Image:Aqua Blue 23 ccc picto.jpg

wallpaper Apple-Style (in different solutions 4:3 and 16:10)

23c3 DIY advent calendar

see a HowTo here and here

23c3 WindowMaker Theme

You can get the theme from here

E17 desktop backgrounds

The wallpaper shows a photography of one of Dresdens most famous sites - the 'Prager Strasse' - at nighttime. Some of the original luminous advertisings at the surrounding buildings were replaced with chaotic signs as a tribute to our local Chaos Computer Club Dresden. It features a Blinkenlights animation and a flashing 'e', and last but not least it reminds of the upcoming 23th Chaos Communication Congress with the apple-shaped logo by Antenne.

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