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The Dylan Hackers Conference Europe (DHCE) will be co-located with the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, Germany

As not all visitor of the 23C3 can be full-time at the DHCE, we recommend to use this agenda template to arrange special DHCE events, e.g. tutorials.


Agenda Proposal

Monday, 27th December

CCC Lecture

CCC Workshop: Dylan Introduction

DHCE Focus: Dylan Environment

Every day DHCE starts round about 13.33 
  • Laboratory:
    • Snapping fingers to turn on Apple Dylan Technical Releas
      • Someone will provide a box which runs the original Apple Dylan.
    • Informal DHCE Discussion about Library Restructuring.
  • Hacking: Improving OD's IDE
    • duim-gtk backend Hacking.
    • The presentation of search results could be improve.
    • Implementing a subversion client to support the build process
    • How to do internationalization (i18n)

Tuesday, 28th December

CCC Lecture

  • no dylan specific lecture

CCC Workshop: Dylan Introduction

DHCE Focus: Dylan Macros

Every day DHCE starts round about 13.33 
  • Laboratory:
    • Monday: a domain specific language for parsing
      • How to use Monday-Project as Parser, especially for the wiki.
    • Koala/DSP: a domain specific language for a web server
  • Hacking: Improving OD's IDE
    • Hacking on a DHCE Library Restructuring branch with the focus:
      • Make internal OD macros explicit
    • Hacking on a Monday based wiki with the focus:
      • How Monday supports extending the wiki to a literate coding browser?
    • duim-gtk backend Hacking.

Wednesday, 29th December

CCC Lecture

  • no dylan specific lecture

CCC Workshop

  • no dylan specific workshop

DHCE Focus: Porting Dylan

Every day DHCE starts round about 13.33 
  • Laboratory: Brand new World? Dylan and Microsoft Vista
    • exchange of experiences; laboratory.
  • Hacking:
    • duim-gtk backend Hacking: To support porting the OD IDE to UNIX
    • Get rid of the imcompatibilities in load common-dylan under OD an GD.
    • VISTA compatibility

Thursday, 30th December

CCC Lecture

  • no dylan specific lecture

CCC Workshop

  • no dylan specific workshop

DHCE Focus: What needs to be done

Every day DHCE starts round about 13.33 
  • no dylan specific focus planned. Time for what needs to be done.

Dylan Implementations

Last Releases

List of anticipated visitors

as mention on the #dylan channel
or added by a 23C3 wiki user directly.
  • andreas (when he has some free time) ; see #dylan
  • core; see #dylan
  • dannym
  • Hannes; see #dylan
  • mb, who did the ieee80211 and id3v2 stuff...; see #dylan
  • pet-ro
  • silenius; see #dylan
  • Struppi__; see #dylan
  • Stephano; see #dylan
  • timpritlove; see #dylan
  • Turbo24prg; see #dylan

Visitor Interests

Some of the following interests were mention on the #dylan channel and have been added to this list by pet-ro.


Discussing Library Restructuring in general

  • Carl Gay started a new branch in the repository to establish a restructuring of the Library.
  • Several of documentation links depend on a stable library structure.
  • A discussion helps to come up with a stable version from the beginning.

Discussing documentation and documentation tools


There are different feature, which are rarely documented

  • to document APIs
    • the DITA approach by Peter Housel
    • Writing Dylan documentation, using XSLT and NaturalDocs, as proposed by Dustin Voss. (see Dustin Voss's Dylan Stuff )

Discussing extending the wiki to a literate coding browser

  • Hannes wrote on #dylan 2005/12/01:
    • what would be nice if our website/documentation/the dylan books would be editable via browser (javascript editor,...)... hmm, maybe a deuce-web frontend would be nice... to have the full compiler available via web-browser (with ajax and this cool web stuff which is now around)
  • The Eclipse community offers |articles for specific topics. What these articles represent is nothing else what Peter Housel represents in his Literate Coding example of the Monday Project. We can easily offer such kind of articles, if we start a culture of literate coding.

There are several code snippets which are interesting to a broad community. And on the other side such important snippets are read by many community members. Extending the wiki to a literate coding browser means:

  • allow logged-in users to write literate coding section
  • make literate coding sections browsable to wiki-viewers as well as logged-in users
  • Stated by Andy Armstrong:
    • My problem with literate programming for large scale projects is that the documentation team need to go in and edit the source code, which is a risky proposition particularly when the source code is frozen coming up to a release.
  • Does Monday's Source Location Library help to solve the issue?

Tutorial related to use the Monday Project


The Monday project seems to become THE Dylan parsing framework.


Get a glue

  • How to integrate the Monday project as parsing framework to the Dylan wiki
  • How to implement a Regular-tree expressions in Dylan via Monday

I will skim over the Dylan literate sources

And try to read two Scheme-related papers by Olin Shivers.

But don't expect that I will have understand all that stuff. Otherwise I won't like to visit a tutorial.

How to do internationalizations (i18n) in DUIM

  • It's unclear to me how DUIM is prepared for this

Get a glue


as stated on the #dylan channel

Coding on porting DUIM of Open Dylan to support GTK2 on Linux


Struppi__ wrote: though i didn't exactly "start" it (most of it was already there). The good news is, i can already start the reversi example (fundev/sources/duim/examples/reversi/), and the board gets displayed, though i can't play it yet.


as stated on the #dylan channel


  • dylan-gtk2 fixes:
 * names without nagging prefixes
 * find cause of melange endless loop
 * slots for connecting signals ala dotnet ("button.clicked  = method"...)
  • started to do some work on charset converters

Having a box which runs the original Apple Dylan would be cool

  • Heisenburg mentioned that he has a CD of AD TR
  • Andreas will look whether his PowerMac 7600 still boots
  • Chris Page mention that AD TR will run on OS 9.2.2 and recommends to use fastest machine that can still boot OS 9.
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