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This is the planning page for Tob's Handheld Console Hacking Workshop at 22C3


This is intended to be more a discussion and meeting point for handheld console hackers than a lecture. Nevertheless, you are invited to give a short (5 minute) talk about hacking your console.


Please put ideas and links you think others should know beforehand etc. here


This is completely optional, but feel free to add your name and/or scene handle and a link to your blog/homepage here. (Nobody's going to check if you really come to the workshop.) If you want to give a short talk, please mention it, so no topic will be covered twice.

  • Tobias Weyand (0xtob),, will talk about DS hacking
  • Sumedha Widyadharma
  • buZz (aka Bastiaan) , will bring NDS flashing gear , bring your NDS if you want new flashme ( note: i dont have a passme2 for 'new firmware' nds :( )
  • Tim
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