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On the Venice Biennale 2004 in front of a Tzech piece of Art I think it was.

Mattis Manzel

I'm a wiki-writer, born in '60 in Berlin.

In my earlier life I've been a bass player. I wrote two books on an Amstrad CP/M box and published them in the 90ies, putting them online for free download in 2002. Unfortunately I dunno how to code. In summer 2003 I first wrote on a wiki. Eversince I'm fulltime in wikilandia, and I love it.
Diversity is strength, keep it, but create connections and make global communication super conductivity flow. I think it's all one big soup, più o meno.

  • email: mattismanzel ÄT yahoo PÜNTO de
  • jabber:
  • skype: mattismanzel
  • gizmo: mattismanzel
  • irc: freenode #onebigsoup

My Stuff

Todo List

Stuff I will do at the 22C3

  • listen. People and lectures and people and people.
  • lightning-talk about the super-ting-tool
  • meet the s23-folks and many others
  • take a deep breath in a corner of the hack center where I can oversee the whole room
  • get an own Debian-mug
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