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If you think something is missing and should be answered here, just drop your questions here.


General Questions

Where should I put my questions?

Just edit this page and drop your questions here by creating a new sub-headline. Somebody will answer by inserting text underneath.

How can I listen to the CongressRadio?

This year, the CongressRadio is podcasting for the first time (in German and English). To listen to their transmissions, just subscribe one of the two Podcast-RSS-Feeds or download the audio files directly from their website http://congressradio.de/ or from a file server inside the 22C3-Intranet or dial a phonenumber with your DECT-Phone. As you have plenty of possibilities, at least one of the abovementioned should fit your needs. If you have questions or experiencing problems, please contact the CongressRadio-Crew.

Is it possible to contribute to the CongressRadio?

Yes, it is. Again you have some possibilities to submit your Interviews or Features: Create an audio file and send them the download adress or call their Sipgate-Phonenumber 01801 585 585 8379 or use their recording studio with one of the CongressRadio-Editors.

Will there be a Go Lounge again at the Congress this year?

Sure. Same place as last year.

Will there be 802.11a wifi at the congress?

Yes, look here: NOC

Can I bring my own wireless equipment to the Congress?

No, please do not bring any wireless access points with you and please do not operate a wireless access point at the 22C3.

Can I run my own network or my own DHCP server at the Congress?

No, please do not ever configure your laptop to run in Ad-Hoc mode nor otherwise create a network and please do not run DHCP servers.

I'm 17 years old. Any problems there?

No, in my opinion there are no problems regarding that.
Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not bogus criteria such as degrees, age, race, or position. (taken from: Hacker ethic)

Is the Congress-Center open 24/4?


Will you be allowed to bring your own food into the Congress-Center?

Rule of thumb: Feel free to bring the cookies your Grandma baked - but never order pizza (or things like that) into the bcc.

The reasoning is that there is a company called "Progast" which holds the exclusive right to sell food inside the bcc, this is standard inside locations like the bcc and this is not open to discussion --- no Progast - no congress inside the bcc. Also in that light: please be fair with Progast employees and interact respectfully with them; if you have complaints which cannot be resolved with Progast directly, please speak with Kathe (the Angels will know where to find her).

An example from the outside world: You wouldn't buy a kebab or any other fast food and take it with you into the next restaurant. The same situation applies here.

The other reason is that last year the ammount of waste from pizza boxes and other food containers was so big and it was quite a mess at the congress. So this year we would like to prevent as much waste as possible. Please eat your pizza at the pizza dealer!

Are there guidelines concerning videotaping/taking still pictures at 22C3?

Of course, yes. But same rules apply for private videotaping and still pictures as for the press. See the 22C3 Website for details.

Can I buy a printed summary of most of the congress (conference proceedings) like last year?

Yes, you can buy the 22C3 Proceedings at the info point as last year.

Will there be a free PDF of the conference proceedings like last year?

Yes. You find it here: 22C3 Proceedings.

Will the lectures be streamed via the internet? Where can i listen to them?

You can get audio as well as video streams at 22C3 Conference Streaming Homepage

Is it possible to get the presentation slides for all the talks?

Yes, have a look on the detailed website to the talk. Some are already available, some will be available after the congress.

Whats the title of the extremely cool documentation shown the 28.12. at ca 3:00 in saal 1?

found it: codes - makers and breakers it's worth watching!

Observation Cameras

Will there be observation cameras again at the Congress this year?

The building has external and internal observation cameras. the internal ones and the one that is at the entrance area wil be switched off from Dec 27th till Dec 31st. A securtiy person will watch the entrance, so the inscurance company of the bcc is sure everthing is secure.

How detailed are the images of the 'observation cameras?

It's standard video resolution. - PAL?!


How much is the entrance fee?

Have a look at the 22C3 Website. There you get all information about the entrance fee.

When should I get my tickets?

It is a good idea to buy the ticket at Dec 26th or the night from Dec 26th to 27th, because then you don't have to wait in the line for hours in the morning of Dec 27th.

Can I buy my tickets in the night from Dec 26th to 27th all night long?

Yes. The cash desk is open from late afternoon (earliest 4pm / 16:00) at the 26th until the evening of the 30th.

Is there also a discount on the tickets for Students or Unemployed?

(No, I don´t mean High School students or pupils, I am talking about Students attending a university)

Read the website about pricing:

Students have to pay the usual entrance fee. The CCC grants discounts for some special supportworthy groups: Pupils (with credentials) and CCC members, as a thank for their support all the year around.

Will there be a discount for ALG2 recipients?

No. Sorry, the CCC isn't a welfare organisation. If you really can't afford the Congress, you may talk to someone from the Orga team, maybe they can do something.

I'm a pupil, though I don't have a pupil identity card. How else can I prove at the entrance, that I'm a pupil? Can I just take my last year's report card?

No. And we don't have the time for discussion at the cash desk. There are more participants behind you, who have to wait while you try to convince the cash desk angels.

It's not our fault that you missed to update your school ID card.

I'm a member of CCC e.V. and CCCB e.V. ("Doppelmitglied"), so the people at the cash desk will not have my real name on the member list. [1] I didn't received my entrace pseudonym yet an the CCCB board did not respond to my mails. How can I prove that I'm a member and get the discount on the ticket?

Please talk to your elected board members of CCCB. They are in charge of answering this kind of questions.

I did. I wrote an email to vorstand (AT) berlin.ccc.de several days ago and got no responce. All other CCCB members, with whom I spoke the last days, have the same problem. --Thomas 12:41, 26 December 2005 (CET)

What if I don't want to pay the whole price?

An Idea: Get some paper in #FCCC22 and copy a day-one-ticket onto it, replacing the "T1" with a "D" in this style: http://img430.imageshack.us/img430/9091/d5of.jpg Cut out the holo of the day one ticket and stick it to your new four day ticket. Saves 50 euros. (Perhaps this is against the hacker ethics. Someone should ask the hotline.) Description for educational purpose only.


Who should I contact if I want to become a Chaos Angel?

You can register yourself in the Himmelsverwaltung. You can also post personal questions there. More answers are available in the Angel F.A.Q. and the 22C3 Website

And what about Hackcenter registration?

The registration period for the hackcenter is over, and all seats are already distributed. For more information have a look at the 22C3 Weblog article.


As far as I remember, there was a gym last year which made it possible to get some hours sleep for a small fee. Will there be any comparable possibilities this year?

This year we are able to offer you the possibility to "sleep cheap" at a nearby gym (only two U-Bahn stations away from BCC). We charge EUR 5 per person per day. The gym will be open during all days and nights from December 26th (2200h) thru to December 31th 2005 (1000h) inclusive. Tickets and directions will be available at the entrance at the Congress.) Please see also Gym

Last year you could only buy one ticket for that gym at once (not for all three nights together) and no one has known when and where you can buy it. Then they were sold at 18:00 when the new lectures begun, right after a one hour break. Will this kind of chicane take place again?

Short: No.

Longer: quoting from the 22C3 Weblog >> Low-cost sleeping at 22C3: The Gym: "You can buy tickets at the entrance of the bcc where you also buy your congress ticket. (...) You can decide whether you want to buy tickets in advance for all days or just for a day."

Please also see Gym.

Will there be a place to deposit luggage (such as lockers) ?

We have the "Garderobe" (cloakroom) where you can deposit your luggage. But remember, we can't give full liability. Real lockers are in the nearby train station.


How can I remove blue dotted lines and resize the content box to full size?

Use another stylesheet, available in your account-settings.

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