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A lot of small things did change since the last congress. This page tries to give a brief overview about those changes, mainly targeted as an update for experienced congress visitors.

So what will be different, this year?


Schedule changes

Most conference rooms have been restructured, only Saal 1 is the same as it was last year. The three lecture rooms in the entrance level have been merged into two bigger conference rooms, now known as Saal 2 and Saal 3. Saal 4 will be in the basement, within the area last year known as the workshop room and the Haecksen room. So only 4 instead of 6 rooms will be provided, but most of them significantly bigger than last year.

Smoking Policy

One of the most frequent complaints during the last congress was the inacceptable air quality due to smoke within the building. There are good reasons to forbid smoking within the whole bcc, but the congress is during the end of December, so it would be really mean to urge all smokers to smoke outside the building. This is why we decided to start a "social experiment": We kindly ask everyone not to smoke in the building. If you really have to smoke, do so, but please keep in mind that if we are not able to keep the smoke on a level where the air condition can deal with it, we have to forbid smoking totally next year. Smoking in the Hackcenter is forbidden, as it already was last year.

Smoking Policy Discussion


The german lockpicking championship will no longer take place at the congress, but there will be still some workshops.


The back part (A08) of the Hackcenter will be this year the area for the Haecksen, Phenoelit and the Workshop Area. About half of the front part of the Hackcenter will be distributed this year on a "first come, first serve" policy, the other part can be reservated as usual. The Hackcenter registration will come up in the beginning of December.

Software goodies

There will be a Backchannel-System this year to accompany the lectures, and the Lecture-Reminder might have some improvements if the time permits that.

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