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Guidelines for press at the Congress

We generally appreciate coming to and reporting from the Congress and we try to help you as much as we can. We ask you however to abide by some general rules to make co-existance with the other participants easy.

Entry and accreditation

Press can get in free but ONLY if an online registration has been completed in advance AND our following guidelines are accepted. Press without a confirmed registration must pay the SAME price as any other participant. Just showing a press card is not enough. There are no exceptions.

All members of the press wishing to cover the Congress are kindly requested to register in advance by e-mail, in order to enable effective coordination.

Filming and Photography

Filming and taking photographs is generally possible. Visual recordings of lectures are permitted, if explicit approval has been granted by the lecturer in question. In any case, no visual recordings of the audience are permitted.

The participants of the Chaos Communication Congress insist on their right to their own image. Therefore even when events are recorded no pictures of participants may be taken unless explicit permission is granted.

Events hosted by the SSDeV are governed by separate regulations concerning the entry to their venues. Members of the press wishing to cover any of these events are advised to check these regulations at SSD e.V. .

Press Conference

On Sunday, Dec 26th 2004 at 12:00h a press conference will be held by the CCC. To participate no pre-registration is necessary. If you want interviews in addition to the press conference please contact to negotiate a date.


Press accreditation has been closed. There will be NO chance of getting accreditation at the entrance of the 21C3. Also, there will be NO exceptions from that rule ;)

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