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Chaos Angel

Chaos Communication Congress means a lot of work. So we need your help. As a chaos angel you are actively supporting us dealing with all kinds of tasks.

What is a Chaos Angel?


Apart from being generally helpful, you can choose from a variety of areas at the Congress where you might want to focus on:

Conference angels make sure that all events start and end on time and that all speakers are there. They also ensure that the rooms don't become too crowded when more people want to listen to a talk than places are available.
All events will be archived and streamed. We need people who ensure our cameras and microphones are up and running. In addition the angels help handing out microphones in the lecture rooms for questions to the panel.
This is where tickets are sold. You help giving out badges and all that stuff.
Guardian Angel
Guardian angels secure the building.
Netangels help the NOC to build the network and to provide support and service to the participants. Basic knowledge of computer networks should be available.
The angels of the CERT (Chaos Emergency Response Team) are the first responders and provide first aid in case of a medical emergency. Either we are watching over the fire protection in this building.
Chaos angels and the crew are self-catered. So we need some angels that take care of that.

For helping us we give you a Congress t-shirt for free. Please state your shirt size correctly so that we can plan better.

All Chaos Angels may use the Angel's Room where you will find both enough coffee and Internet.


There is an exhaustive FAQ available in the 21C3 Public Wiki at


Angel registration is closed. It is no longer possible to register.

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