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Picture of Marc Hildebrand Marc Hildebrand
Day 2
Location Workshop
Start Time 18:00 h
Duration 02:00
ID 247
Type Workshop
Track Hacking
Language english

Gentoo Developer Meeting

The meeting on the one hand serves as a "come together" of the involved developers. Possibilities for closer co-operation, improved direct communication and more synergy in the network are to be worked out. On the other hand we will discuss how we can improve the progress of Gentoo as a whole, with the work done by everybody.

This is a developer-only meeting (though we currently discuss the possibility of an open-floor discussion later on). In a community-distribution with around 300 active developers organisation and Structure are often difficult to maintain. There's a mixture of expierienced developers and those, who just joined the team lately, small groups who already met and those who only know other devs through irc or the web-forums. Each of them has made his/her own expieriences, mistakes and successes.

The point is to share these expieriences and thus evolve as a project. There will be common interests and tasks adressed. Besides the classic "who is who" we will define the state of the european Gentoo developer network and how we can improve developer relations in that network.

We will discuss ways to work together and help each other with our efforts in maintaining and developing the Gentoo Distribution now and in the future. Getting to know each other, sharing expierience and planning future activities are goals of this meeting.

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