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21st Chaos Communication Congress
Lectures and workshops

Picture of Pappy Pappy
Day 2
Location Saal 3
Start Time 15:00 h
Duration 01:00
ID 123
Type Workshop
Track Hacking
Language english

Gentoo Hardened

An introduction to the hardened toolchain used at the Hardened Gentoo project, which, combined with the PaX kernel, strong DAC/MAC control mechanisms and a thorough low-entry oriented user documentation provides "full scale" protection for a wide range from home users to enterprise businesses.

Compiler changes:

  • Position Independent Executables/Position Independent Code
  • affected hardware (x86, AMD64, Sparc, HPPA)

binutils and glibc modifications:

  • PT_PAX support for the ELF header (plus introduction to ELF header specification)
  • introduction of the _guardsetup and __guard functions to glibc
  • improvements of entropy generation for _guardsetup using other mechanisms
  • future outlook: separated libssp.so and smooth migration out of glibc

kernel patches:

  • PaX and grsecurity, LIDS, selinux and RSBAC
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