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21st Chaos Communication Congress
Lectures and workshops

Picture of Felix Domke Felix Domke
Picture of Michael Steil Michael Steil
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Day 1
Location Saal 2
Start Time 23:00 h
Duration 01:00
ID 208
Type Lecture
Track Hacking
Language english

GameCube Hacking

The GameCube - what it is made of and how it can be hacked. We'll describe different approachs of getting own code onto the GameCube and things that you can do with a GameCube under your control. Of course it runs Linux.

A GameCube has very interesting hardware (PowerPC, G3-style, processor and fast 3d acceleration), but unfortunatetly it's "closed" because it's a game console and not a computer.

But - of course - this shouldn't prevent anyone running Linux on it, as it has very nice hardware which is worth to exploit with something useful and more interesting than games. We will describe the GameCube's hardware in detail (including the stuff you won't read elsewhere), and show ways how to get your own code onto the cube. We will explain different approaches of software hacks (PSO, Action Replay Loader) and exploits as well a hardware modification (exchanging the IPL).

We show how own code can be developed for the GameCube, and finally present Linux running on the Gamecube.

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