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21st Chaos Communication Congress
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Picture of Volker Birk Volker Birk
Day 2
Location Saal 2
Start Time 11:00 h
Duration 01:00
ID 157
Type Lecture
Track General

Lightning Talks: Day 2

Lightning Talks are introductory talks for projects, interesting technologies and evolving developments and other things that might be interesting to the 21C3 audience.

List of talks:

  1. User safety in KDE -- Josef -- Desktop programming and administration concepts to prevent attacks on user data
  2. tpp - text presentation program -- Ak -- we have editors, MUAs, newsreaders, rss aggregator, IRC clients, etc. for the text terminal, and now we have a ncurses-based powerpoint-like presentation program with a number of cool and attention-grabbing features, which I would like to present in a little feature show.
  3. Bags for blocking cell phones -- aram -- I am working on a cell phone bag which blocks gsm signals. I would like to show and discuss a variety of materials and cloths I am using for different kinds of bags. What else can be blocked: Rfid, Bluetooth, Wlan ...?
  4. Trusted Computing for everybody -- Alex G√ľnsche, Protect Privacy e.V. -- Now that the worst fuss about Trusted Computing has set, this topic seems to have become a battle field solely for experts. But what about the common user? I'd like to introduce the work of Protect Privacy e.V., an organisation arisen from AgainstTCPA.com and now, realising exerted cooperation of all TC-involved parties, working on objective illustration of the means of Trusted Computing to the public.
  5. WMI(I) - Improved GUI concepts for hackers -- Anselm R. Garbe -- Widespread GUIs have been improved only for beginner users, but not for advanced users like hackers.The mouse became the most frequently used input device for GUI interaction in the last decades, although its handling is more inefficient for most applications compared to keyboard handling. Also the window management is very unintelligent in classical GUIs. Thus I'm going to present the X11 Window Manager Improved project, which I founded in autumn 2003 and has a growing user base. WMII is the attempt to combine the best features of the acme programming environment of the Plan9 OS and other advanced window managers like Ion, LarsWM, ratpoison or the first WMI generation.
  6. PyPy: New Python VM/JIT implementation - Holger Krekel -- PyPy is a novel implementation of the Python language, targetting flexibility and speed. It is written in Python itself and gets translated to C and later into a JIT compiler and assembly. I give a brief technical overview of where we stand and were we intend to go, especially now that we got 2-year funding from the European Union. (There is a separate longer talk on the first day about the EU funding part and i now think i'd like to talk at least a bit about technical hacking).
  7. Advanced hacking in the demo environment -- nn -- A short overview of radical cheerleading as a part of Tactical Frivolity a new technique at street protests. Join us for a hands-on workshop and shout new slogans against the system (in German)
  8. SEXual Salvation -- F. Burckhardt -- How carbon-based lifeforms adapt to evolutionary pressure from infections and what computers can learn from them. How do pathogens hack the cell ? Using Anthrax as an example: port-attack & buffer-overflow-like mechanism. Why we have SEX.
  9. Subwikis, wiki-hives, node-wiks, hive-mind - What's hot in wikilandia? -- Mattis Manzel -- What it is all about isn't less than the reconstruction of the structure of the human brain - or some processing mechanismn even superior to this best of all known computers - on the metalevel, globally, as one common and single organismn and in unity. This is possible and allready developing rapidly as there is both pleeenty of human intelligence and the techniques involved to make the right information flow to the right individual/"neuron" at the right time. Read it on Community-wiki: lightning talk on ccc-congress (now also in German translation)
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