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21st Chaos Communication Congress
Lectures and workshops

Picture of Frank Rosengart Frank Rosengart
Day 1
Location Saal 2
Start Time 11:00 h
Duration 01:00
ID 142
Type Lecture
Track Community

Lightning Talks: Day 1

Lightning Talks are introductory talks for projects, interesting technologies and evolving developments and other things that might be interesting to the 21C3 audience.

List of talks:

  1. Congress Radio -- Opi -- Let's make Congress Radio again! We are looking for some people interested in making Radioshows, Interviews, Features and so on. The Equipment comes from Berlins radiokampagne.de, but the input comes from you and you and from you in the corner with the black T-Shirt, yes: you! Hope to see you, opi
  2. Introducing PostgreSQL -- Kaishakunin -- a short talk to introduce PostgreSQL, "the most advanced Open Source Database" to the masses. PostgreSQL is an Object-Relational Databasemanagement System and offers a variety of advanced DBMS technologies, which I would like to show and introduce to the audience.
  3. Plan9 Status Report -- mtg -- A short overview about Plan9, current status, what you can expect from the system and what is missing. If time is left, I'll give a short introduce on the 21C3 Plan9 network and how you can connect to it. (possible in german)
  4. Linux-Club -- Thomas Moenkemeier -- Introducing of a growing community of about 10.000 users in germany using SuSE-Linux. (in german). Slides available at http://www.linux-club.de/images/21c3/
  5. Plazes -- fiahless -- Annotating the world Plaze by Plaze - An introduction of the Plazes project, taking a grass-root and decentralised approach to location aware services: You are, where you are connected. Short Demo for the 21C3 Plaze.
  6. IT Security, quo vadis? -- J├╝rgen Pabel -- A short commentary about the evolution of security in IT. How it became that this is such an important issue nowadays, which forces will drive its further development and why security troubles will not lead to the end of the information age.
  7. Shortest C Coding Contest -- Michael Feiri (21c7 jury member) -- The rules and the problem of the 21C3 shortest C Coding Contest will be presented, see http://ulm.ccc.de/shortest/21c7/
  8. DES Contest: Salt'n'Hash -- Thomas -- The rules of the 21C3 DES Contest will be presented. Crack as many of 39000 real-life passwords as you can. There will be cash prizes! Contest is now officially open, so get going...
  9. Stacksmashing Contest -- Rumpeltux -- Announcement of the Stacksmashing Contest
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