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21st Chaos Communication Congress
Lectures and workshops

Picture of Hanno Wagner Hanno Wagner
Day 3
Location Saal 2
Start Time 11:00 h
Duration 01:00
ID 250
Type Lecture
Track General

Lightning Talks: Day 3

Lightning Talks are introductory talks for projects, interesting technologies and evolving developments and other things that might be interesting to the 21C3 audience.

List of talks:

  1. Wollmilch: planning an uber-jabberclient -- nn, Lukas, EdE -- We came across the idea of building a jabber client which implements more not only standard XMPP, but also some more experimental JEPs, makes efficient use of transports, has an uber-ui and is generally better than everything else, because everything else somehow sucks. We are planning and collecting ideas right now and search people to join us. We aim to begin to model, design and develop soon.
  2. NetBSD Status Report -- Hubert Feyrer -- Recent and future development, key items
  3. Introducing Meshdisk, a single-floppy Linux distribution for MANETs -- mihi -- MANETs are growing all over the world, most of them use OLSR as their routing protocol. Since it often is necessary to start a network quickly some easy ways of software distribution have to be found, on the other side permanent nodes need as less movable parts as necessary. This is where Meshdisk comes into the game. Meshdisk is a single-floppy linux distribution created to make MANET setup easy. It can be used for quick MANET sessions as well as for setting up permanent nodes without harddisk. I will introduce this project to the public.
  4. Earth Healing Progress Report -- Gregoa -- While we still use fossile nrg, our race went faster. Mankind, as fast as you all seem to be, Earth give air and is slowlier. Until my personal financial Situation is not cleared, every opinion to say some words is canceled. So dont wait for me, when I am not there, at the right time, at this place... Have a happy new year 2005. Good Luck.
  5. DES Contest: Salt'n'Hash - winners presentation -- Thomas -- The jury (Thomas) will present the winner who cracked the most hashes. The audience award to be assigned. The winners will receive the cash prizes.
  6. Stacksmashing Contest: winners presentation -- Rumpeltux -- If existing, presentation of the stacksmashing-contest's winners.
  7. Subnetting in p2p-systems -- David Goetberg (Mole) -- Instead of todays monolithic p2p-systems we will discuss how and why subnetting in p2p-systems can be used to make them more efficient, flexible, robust and "forward compatible". David is a former researcher in computer communications and computer security in embedded systems but since four years he spends all his time on researching p2p-systems and p2p-algorithms. That is, fully distributed totally serverless fully scaleable globally searcheable robust stealthy Internet based peer to peer systems. The talk will be held in English but David will be available afterwards to answer questions in English, German and Scandinavian.
  8. Blockciphers created by evolutionary algorithms -- Klaus -- By encoding expression trees into genomes it is possible to model evolutionary algorithms with a best-fit selection. It allows for functions of arbitrary complexity that create patterns when iterated. An experimental approach for the cryptoapi of the linux kernel was implemented and a brief overview of its inner workings is given.
  9. Mute Magazine and openmute.org -- dreh, didi -- short presentation of Openmute:Internet Tools for cultural and community organisations, Mute magazine(london): culture and politics after the net.
  10. IT-security magazines in Europe -- tho -- A short overview of IT-security related magazines in Europe
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