What is a Chaos Angel?

Chaos Communication Congress means a lot of work. So we need your help. As a chaos angel you are actively supporting us dealing with all kinds of tasks.

You can apply for a certain mission in advance:

All events will be archived and streamed. We need people who ensure our cameras and microphones are up and running. In addition the angels help handing out microphones in the lecture rooms for questions to the panel.
Workshop angels make sure that all events start and end on time and that all speakers are there. They also ensure that the rooms don't become too crowded when more people want to listen to a talk than places are available.
Chaos angels are self-catered. So we need some angels that take care of that.
This is where tickets are sold. You help giving out badges and all that stuff.
Guardian Angel
Guardian angels secure the building and take care of registered hardware getting in and out. You also register the hardware.
The Chaosarchive hosts the Club's material of the past 20 years. If you always wanted to have a closer look on this you are perfectly placed here.
The Angel of the CERT are there for first aid in case of a medical emergency. Either we are watching over the fire protection in this building.

For helping us we give you a Congress t-shirt for free. Please state your shirt size correctly so that we can plan better.

All Chaos Angels may use the Angel's Room where you will find both enough coffee and Internet.


Is there a special discount on the entrance fee for chaos angels?

No, every angel must pay the full entrance fee.

What do I get for helping out?

Every active angel is rewarded with an congress t-shirt.

How long do I have to work?

The question can't be answered until shortly before the congress starts, it depends on what kind of angel you are and how many angels are available. You can get more information on the angel-mailinglist.

When are angels needed?

For the build-up helping hands are welcome on December 25th, 12am, for the disassembly until the 30th, 8pm. Especially for the disassembly helping people are needed, so when you can stay that long it'd be nice when you could help us. Officially, admission starts on December 26, 12am, so guardian- and cashdesk- angels are needed from that point on. On that day _only_ full tickets are sold though.

But I'm only XX years old, is there a way for me to help?

When you're old enough to attend the congress, you're old enough to help out.

I've read that registration is required for people bringing their computers, does that apply for angels too?

Yes it is, please register for the Hackcenter as anybody else. Space in the angel's room is very limited.

Who is going to be archangel this year?

Archangels this year are: Klaus, Daizy, Enno, Sanifox, Nachtkind, Flip.

Is there an IRC channel for angels??

Yes, on IRC-Net there is a channel called #chaos-angel. Just drop in!

How do I treat visitors?

You should always be polite and considerate toward visitors, even when they are in stress. When you feel you can't handle the situation ask for help, _before_ you are becoming stressed.

When are the angel-meetings?

That is going to be determined later. There is already a rough outline though: December 26th, 11am (before the cash-desk opens up) and 7-8pm, December 27th and 28th at around 12am and 8pm, and maybe on the 27th an early one at 9am.

The meeting on the 26th at 11am is the most important one, everyone that's present should attend.

Is there anything else to consider?

You shouldn't be totally exhausted or ravenous when coming to your shift. A certain fitness really helps.

I have a question not answered by the FAQ, where should I ask?

You can ask on IRC-Net, #chaos-angel, oder write to the angel's mailinglist, on which you will automagically get inscribed when registering as an angel.

If you have additional questions regarding helping us at the Congress please contact the Archangels.

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